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Offseason Cancelled
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So, once again I have no pictures. But what I do have is a nice little Bradley Briquette smoker, and an oil less turkey fryer. :D

This last week I started a new job, and so I gave my old team I was leaving the option of me buying them lunch or cooking for them. I was flattered when they asked me to cook for them.

I had two pork loins that had been cut down so the larger ends were in one piece. I did not want to cook the night before, then have to warm the meat so I got up early and threw the meat into the smoker (having sat with the rub on it overnight) for an hour and a half, then to speed things up put the two hunks into the fryer to bring it up to temp. Dang.

Rub: Six Pepper Spice
Chipotle spice
Cajun spice
black pepper
Lawry's Seasoned Salt

Mesquite briquettes.

P.S. - I kept some for my wife and I. Diced it up and sauteed with onions and green peppers for an egg scramble with sharp cheddar for an outstanding breakfast.