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Rib rub


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The term you're looking form is 'marinate'.

Brining refers to soaking in a heavy salt solution

I know was just giving ya hell...they call it a brine and you can add salt to it but then leave salt out of the rub.

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Brine the ribs in Rootbeer

Then a spicy rub

thank me later
So I did a pork loin in rootbeer for 4 hours and then spicy rub and smoke...didn't really do anything for me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good enough for me to start wasting good root beer all the time.


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I use Lotta Bull seasoning, They won awards for it and it only can be bought at this URL: http://lottabullbbq.com/

I really like the steak seasoning but I use the Red Dirt on my pork shoulders when I slow smoke them for 12-14 hours.