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Post your best fish of 2020

I wish I could brag.

I went out three or four times all year.

Didn't land anything I would have taken a picture of.

Hopefully some of you have some good pictures I can live vicariously through.

Killed it all by myself
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I went out quite a bit, but most of the time it was with my kids, so we mostly caught panfish and small bass. I rarely take pictures, and I even more rarely catch what anybody else would consider a trophy fish.

Did you hire a guide or go it alone?

We hired a guide but that was the most disappointing part of the trip. I paid for a full day and we put in around 8:30 and were out of the water by 12:30. My son had a huge rainbow on. It absolutely dwarfed the fish in the pic and he got it up to the boat twice but the guide didn't even reach for the net. We'll find someone else next time and if anyone is going to float the North Platte out of Saratoga, I can tell you who I wouldn't use. We still had a great time together, so it didn't ruin the trip but it was frustrating. I took the tip the guide would have gotten and bought my son a new set of waders, which we used the next day to hit a couple other spots by wading.
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This isn't the best pic, I was in my small 2 man bass boat and didn't really want to bring him in across my lap. I know he was over 36", but don't think he would have made 40". Needless to say me and the little 2 man boat spun quite a few circles before I got him in.

musky back.png


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