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Post your best fish of 2020

My best buddy once again....same fishing week...different day though.

He is a guide....and really pretty doggone good at it.


We watch the lake and when we see them (shad) hitting the surface in a panic we move to the spot and begin jigging with the live bait. Been deadly accurate so far.

We're far enough north that almost all of the shad die off each winter, but by August they've rebuilt their population enough that we'll also see that activity at the surface, though it's usually the gulls that give it away. Schools of white bass push them together towards the surface then tear into them. Unless it's overcast, the walleyes and smallies hang out below, eating the wounded. This is fly fishing gold. Anything that looks like a wounded 3" gizzard shad gets inhaled. We don't have much for stripers or wipers. They're out there, but I've never caught one. Get 15+' down from the melee, and you can catch almost anything.
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Unfortunately, I was not able to do the amount of fishing that I usually do in 2020. But I hooked a monster Pumpkinseed up in Okaboji last fall. I was trolling through Minnewashta on my way to Lower Gar and hooked an absolute gorgeous Pumpkinseed. The markings were beautiful. Unfortunately, my cell phone was dead from listening to podcasts. At the time, I didn’t think much of it outside of thinking that’s the biggest damn Pumpkinseed I’ve ever seen. No way I’m keeping a fish that pretty, I tossed it back. I wish I would have weighed and measured as it was close to a pound.

At any rate, I enjoy all your pics guys. Hopefully I can post some this spring.


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