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Ouedraogo is N!

Very cool someone who can bang with the big boys. Now go get another one just like him that is a JUCO guy with 2 years left
Doesn't look very French to me. A little bit more baby Shaq than anything else.

The accompanying Music is definitely Français! ;)


Finally someone who can really bang underneath the hoop. Only 17 yo and already 6'9", 240 lbs. :thumbsup:

For that matter, he just turned 17 in late-March. I read he skipped a grade (must be a smart kid). A near certainty he'd be the youngest player in NU history.
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I realize it wasn't an "either or" situation but I am much more excited about this kid than I would have been with the 7-footer who went to Marquette. It might take him a bit to get acclimated to B1G basketball but this seems like a great get.

We're now at a point where one can see us being competitive next year if Roby returns or we land another big body. Pretty impressive roster makeover in such a short time.
I hope he's more of a Giorgi Beshanshvili than a Jorge Brian Diaz!
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The thing I wish I'd seen in that video are a few clips of the young man facing up and hitting something around 10-12' - he definitely initiates contact inside and utilizes his mass though.

Nice get, very happy he appears to attack rebounding.

So does Heiman and he has been playing D1 for quite a while.
Right. I think he will be good in a couple years. Heiman would own this kid defensively tho, plays too much below the rim. He’s only going to be 17 so he will look much different year 1- year 2- etc

Heiman had a few high school coaches saying he wouldn’t play as a senior, but since he’s gone that’s neither here nor there.
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