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Old Pick Up Trucks That Are Awesome


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Nope, it's either a Ford employee or Ford leaking them on purpose.
I've seen more pictures and Ford hit a home run on the concept and design. They did what Chevy did with the Camaro and what they should have done with the Blazer. It looks like a modernized version of the old early '70's Bronco. The thing I don't like is the power plant. They've put the 2.7 liter EcoBoost in it and I hate that engine. It's what's in my work truck and it's great on the highway, but sucks for a lot of the things I'd be doing with a vehicle like the Bronco. I'm also not convinced it lasts very long. My truck has 70,000 miles on it and it smokes like a bitch when you first start it up. My Duramax also gets better mileage. Anyway, most people won't care and I think the Bronco will be a big hit.


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Not much of a pickup or classic car guy but... this would be my choice...

My neighbor growing up had one with a 454. That low rumble was unmistakable when they’d drive by. I tried to buy it a dozen times, but never closed the deal. I had two El Caminos, one with a 350, the other with a 305, and I can’t imagine how tough it must have been to keep that 454’s tires from breaking loose. I’ve looked at picking one up the last couple of years, but the prices on even the most roached out ones is absurd.