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O-Line Depth Chart


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Depends on who has tickets. @Smoker cam attest to folks sticking around the tailgate instead of going to the stadium. I’d do that if I was local, but coming in from South Carolina is a fur piece to travel for a beer.
And same from Az...hell, as rarely as I get there, I like to get in the stadium early and watch the guys warmup, etc. .

We can continue our :Catfight:

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on :Huskermaxflag: per usual.
One thing to remember is SF wants a center that can pull when uncovered. That is probably the main reason Jurgens is regarded as being the guy if he can add the weight and strength. Not having him on the depth chart at all is a mistake. He may not start, but he will be given every chance.
That's a good observation about Jurgens being able to pull when he's uncovered. You brought an idea to my mind that could explain some of what the coaching staff is thinking, or it could reflect that I hit my head way too many times as a child: What if the staff is flirting with the idea of platooning the Center? It isn't as crazy in a shotgun-centered offense as it would be with a QB under center taking snaps. If Jurgens can play Center against teams that predominantly run 4-man fronts, he will open up all sorts of options in the running game at the perimeter; if we put someone more hefty at Center against teams that predominantly run 3-man fronts, the Center won't be pulling much anyway as he'll be tied up with the NG. We can use a smaller, quicker Center (Jurgens or Farniok) when that is needed, and we can use a bigger, stronger Center (Forbes or Miller) when that would be better.

It's just a thought, but it makes a lot of sense when I think about it.
OK, maybe it was a dig, but it was minor compared to some crap I see on this board.
Agreed, but for what it's worth, I now click on the "Report" button whenever I see that crap, and it has been very effective. I avoided posting until last fall because I couldn't stand all of the personal attacks. Once I understood that it wasn't supposed to happen, I started reporting it whenever I saw it, and, lo, and behold, those guys were banned from threads and/or sent on vacation. We can clean that kind of stuff up if we just refuse to do it or put up with it. You can disagree with me all you want and tear my posts apart, but I've decided to do my part from now on by calling out people who are making things personal. I couldn't tell if you were joking or serious, so I asked. I think that the site will be better off because of it.
You won't see him posting for weeks on end and then you see something. He can be very insightful a lot of times. I mean that as a compliment. Then he posts this kind of stuff that just seems bizarre.
Your description of the posts as being unevenly distributed feels a lot like how I could be described. If you look at the length and frequency of my posts, you can get a fairly accurate snapshot of when I was buried in coaching football on my own (hardly any posts, if any), when I had normal weeks/days (a few posts after school or over lunch hour), or when I either had snow days or entire days tied up with nothing more than monitoring online standardized tests (the days when Tolstoy's ghost says, "Dude, you write too much").

As for his insightfulness versus bizarreness ratio, he writes like a guy who has coached football for a long time and doesn't really give a $h!t if others disagree. I'm estimating that I'm also about a decade away from giving off the same vibe.
I’d imagine if we all shot the crap about football at a tailgate, we’d all make more sense to each other. Most of us anyway.
Here, here! I'm only in Lincoln a few times per year, and I'm often hurrying in or out, but I'd like to chat in person with a lot of y'all.
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When most people post rosters they basically are saying #1s play, #2s cover for injury, and the rest don't play except on rare occasion. I'm more of the type that wants 1&2 as interchangeable as I cannot predict injuries. I want to have turnkey journeymen ready in the wings.

As for center, we don't have a great one yet. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but nobody in the spring is ready at center so I'm hoping the new guy fixes it. He wouldn't be rated so highly in the JUCO ranks if he couldn't play.


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I may have watched a different Spring Game, but I thought Forbes looked like as big a project as Jurgens did at guard or center.
Intrigues me for a lot of reasons. The first is the fact that a guy who has played zero FBS snaps is penciled in so either they think he’s unreal despite having zero offers, or Jurgens and Farniok looked terrible. Additionally, pencilling in the guy who was clearly no better than 3rd string based on who he was playing with to start over guys his same age means we must have had terrible days from who we are planning to rely on there.