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New Head Coach.


2 Year Member
I think Trev already has his man locked up.

He is a proven P5 winner as a headcoach at multiple coaching stops and a proven program builder.

Everyone relax. Trev canned Scott Fraud early to beat out other schools.

Patrick McLaughlin

5 Year Member
It is incredible how many P5 openings there are now and October just started.

Arizona State

My guess is that dude at FSU is on his way out too.

Then if those teams all take someone else's head coach then you have four more openings.....gonna be crazy this year.


15 Year Member
My guess is that dude at FSU is on his way out too.

Yeah, FSU just lost to Wake.... but a pretty good Wake team. They have wins over Louisville and LSU.... and have whooped their cupcakes as they should. They will get to a bowl this year (need 2 more wins)... which is improvement. Now, I guess it could all go south on them from here on out, but I think they are improving.

or did you mean the dude at Fresno State...?
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