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Nebraska vs North Dakota Game Thread (9/3/22) BTN Tailgate From Lincoln Today

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Game broadcast will start at 2:30 PM CDT on BTN

You can stream pre/game/post here starting at 09:30 AM CST: https://huskers.com/coverage?date=08/27/2022

Huskers as of tonight 23.5 Point favorite

A few things to remember as always:

Personal attacks will get you a thread ban and possibly a vacation.

Beating the word filter will get you minimum thread ban and possibly a vacation

Trolling & gas lightening will get you a thread ban

Bottom line have fun and be nice to each other it's not that hard to do
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Try this one more time....

nebraska flag.jpg

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Buffalo at Maryland(-24)11:00amBTN
Colorado State at Michigan(-31)11:00amABC
Rutgers at Boston College(-9)11:00amACCN
South Dakota State at Iowa(-16.5)11:00amFS1
North Dakota at Nebraska (-22) :Cheer2:2:30pmBTN
Illinois State at Wisconsin(-32.5)6:00pmFS1
Notre Dame at Ohio State(-16)6:30pmABC

All B1G favorites except Rutgers
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