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Nebraska vs Minnesota (10/12/19)


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Why is everyone so wrapped up in McCaffrey vs NW? He can play in 3 more this year and still RS. Heck if he plays in 5+ this year but he is # 3 qb next year he can play in 4 and still RS next year.

So many things to fixate on with this team, I'm surprised anyone is focused on this.
Because the specific question/statement was raised that McCaffrey didn't know enough the playbook to get on the field.
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Final Game thoughts.

I’m not sure if there is a lower point in Nebraska football than making Minnesota look like Ohio State or Michigan.

Nebraska didn’t compete tonight. That has to be the most disappointing thing about tonight’s fiasco.

I’m not sure we saw Nebraska turn a runner East-West all night long. It isn’t enough to grab a hold of the guy and hope he gets tired dragging you down the field and falls down. Is there nothing we can do to force a runner to the ground? Other teams sure have no problems forcing our runners to the ground. It is disheartening to see such total lack of physicality out of our team.

We have to be so creative on offense because receivers can’t get open and our offensive line cannot pass block. Boe Wilson was a swinging gate all night. Trent Hixson was absolutely abused several times tonight. Every time our QB dropped back, his life was in danger.

By the way, if you are not going to make a play—don’t fall down and pretend you slipped. It’s funny how our guys kept “slipping” while Minnesota had perfect footing all night long.

This team played with an astonishing lack of heart tonight from the opening kickoff. I flashed back to the Michigan player last year saying he could tell Nebraska players “just didn’t want to be here.” I’m not sure why players think it is okay to lay down and whimper on the football field.

I thought Noah Vedral actually played pretty decently but every time we approached midfield the mistake-fest would immediately ensue.

I said at halftime, if midfield was the goal line we would have been winning.

We laid our usual start of second half egg on both sides of the ball again. Nappy time at half time just isn’t working out.

Let’s hope Wan’Dale Robinson is okay. Get well soon, young man. He made some plays but too little and too much pushing in the back by our blockers.

Spielman with two horrid fumbles on punts tonight. We were lucky we didn’t lose either one of them.

Khalil Davis may have a future as a boxer. However, punches need to be thrown between the bells and not after the bell.

Commentators made mention of our guys giving up on plays. Ouch.

It was nice to see Kade Warner out there for our only TD drive. His 26 yard reception was his first of the year (a career long) and was a ball I’m not sure any of our other receivers wouldn’t have dropped. I hope to see more of him.

Way to go Brody Belt. Nice to see him have a couple of nice runs.

There really isn’t much more I can say without just “piling on” what everybody else is thinking. We stunk tonight. The effort was unacceptable. We played timid, scared, and soft—when we bothered to play at all. This game was one of the worst efforts I can remember in a long time.

We are 4-3, if we play like this the rest of the way, another 4-8 season is on the way.

We stunk.

We have an off week and a couple of very winnable games before another off week. Time for the players to look into the mirror and decide how they want this to go. This season can go into the tank or we could be 6-3 and Bowl eligible when Wisconsin comes calling. But if they say they played hard tonight, then they are liars—and we are in for an ugly second half of the season.

Time for us fans to lower our expectations . . . again. Let’s just get Bowl eligible.

But is expecting our players to give a damn too much to ask?

Take care all.
Great post.You are so right. I was really disappointed that our players did seem to quit.4-8 is looking very believable again.Wife just said I have to go take a shower for the common good.Thanks to all the Husker fans who participated here tonight.Keep the faith and God bless.Night all.GBR.


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You expect our third string QB to play in games against Indiana, Purdue, or Maryland. Are we getting blown out in those games? Winning by so much there’s junk time?

Missed an opportunity to give him a whole, guaranteed quarter. Who cares about the “bad weather”?
I think the coaches think LM has the chance to make a difference in a close game. I believe they will maybe let him play in the Indiana, Purdue or Maryland games if the games or injuries dictate it. It was a waste to use LM for one play versus Northwestern.


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Damn, what a pathetic performance. The team wasn't ready to play from the first snap. Hope it gets fixed.


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There’s four other QBs that can play. You play him when you have the chance. They’re just wasting guaranteed reps on Bunch. I don’t rate “theoretical reps” as a great reason why.
You have your theories, and SF has his. After going to every practice, and after creating a plan for how his vision is to unfold at NU, he decided to not use one of McCaffrey’s RS games at Minnesota this weekend. I’m fine with that.


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I wasn't even surprised by tonight's showing because I've seen too much bad play across the board the past year and a half against average to good/great teams. I see multiple offensive lineman getting beat one on one and often without anything spectacular being done to get by them. I see our defensive lineman seeming to give up too easily on some plays and linebackers/d-backs who consistently seem to mis-read gaps, overrun plays, and try to tackle with their shoulders only when they do get a chance to hit somebody. I didn't expect greatness yet with all those things, but I did expect a little more progress in all those areas by now. That is concerning. I am also surprised by the lack of offensive identity so far. I understand injuries and some lack of playmakers at certain positions, but I do not see any real rhyme or rhythm to the offense. The team also still seems to go into certain games expecting to lose and when they get down a little bit they do seem to put their focus away for the rest of the game. They almost look like they think that's fine as long as they come back ready to beat the next week's easier team. They need to stop doing that. It's a good thing there's a bye week. Time to figure out some answers regarding all these issues. I still trust Frost to get it headed the right direction so I am still pretty optimistic about the future of the program.

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There losing to Youngstown State 14-3 in the third quarter. Put your wallet away. There are still 55 minutes to play in this game

Melting down early gets old
SDSU 38 YSU 28 at Youngstown

Gophers barely won against true freshman and 3rd string QB (SDSU).

Drag my wallet ;)
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