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Mathis To The Rams in Round 6 Of The NFL Draft

I am surprised.

Good for him!

He has a lot of the intangibles As he showed at TCU that the NFL likes

He played better ladt year than the stats showed with that being said the defensive scheme did him no favors

Regardless glad to see him in the position he is

Not counting Mathis … the Rams have 10 players listed at DE/DL … obviously Aaron Donald and then a bunch of guys with 1 year experience, 4 with 3 years, 1 with 4 years and 2 other rookies. Lots of youngish experienced linemen on a team that tends to keep 7 to 8 players.
Mathis has some tools. NFL teams put an inordinate amount of value on measurable and he did have some production earlier in his career at TCU. Can they get it out of him?
Lots of youngish experienced linemen on a team that tends to keep 7 to 8 players.
I’m not too up on there roster, but any experience the other guys have on Mathis is only beneficial if they have improved enough for that next contract. If not it’s Mathis job to lose. Either way he’s gonna have to show he’s got something or his career will be short. I’d be surprised if he don’t make the roster and shocked if he don’t at least make a practice squad (rams or otherwise) giving him a chance to improve.
Good luck Ochaun!!

I was rather disappointed in his over all play last season. Thought he’d be a high impact defensive player which I do not believe happened. He seemed to be easily moved out of position by bigger lineman. Not very effective in using his speed generating sacks and/or QB hurries. Perhaps his star will shine brighter in the NFL? I wish him well however.
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