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Luke McCaffrey to Louisville

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Sofa King

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He'll make a very effective slot receiver for them and I'm sure he'll be a "very effective leader in the locker room", too.:Sarcastic:
Good night and good luck.
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Odd choice considering their room.


He'll be behind a R-Jr record setting multi-year starter. De Javu all over again...lateral move at best.
Not sure he's ever been worried about competition. Many times kids just need something different than what they are getting currently. Wish he was still here, but best of luck to him.
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To me, this tells me the type of competitor the kids truly is. Could have gone to a non P5 school and walked in as the starter. Remember, Pass might be a R-Jr, but Luke is a R-Fr and all he wanted was a chance to develop at the QB position. Now he gets it. Additionally, with Cunningham in the room, it might make it an easier decision to transition to slot (eventually) and get on the field as they don't seem to have the depth issues we have.
Living here in Louisville I find this as an odd move. Cunningham isn't as good as his numbers look IMO but I still don't see CM winning the job. If he does switch to WR it'll be interesting as UofL does seem to use them well under Satterfield.


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Smart. Actually sit behind a legit starter and learn the position while getting real QB coaching. What more can you want? He wasn't transferring because he thought he had earned the starting spot, he was transferring because he wasn't learning enough here and QBs have short windows. Look at Martinez. Has he improved since he was a FR? At least he can throw sidearm off the wrong foot though.