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Luke McCaffrey Leaves Louisville

Louisville’s QB room is less filled than Nebraska’s. I - 2 year starter back, 1 other young scholarship QB and 1 FR walk-on. That’s it. Louisville has a whopping 3 QBs on their roster with Luke leaving, 1 a walk-on. You can’t make it there as a QB you better drop to NAIA or 1-AA or Division II.
I mean Rice basically is... right. Haha

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There were times when he could really sling it on target like a rocket, but touch was always an issue. I suspect that the accuracy issues came from taking so much abuse running the ball. It just isn't possible to get beatings on your shoulder repeatedly and have it NOT affect your throws. Yes, there were QBs who ran the ball and played well, but most were artists at avoiding hard hits, such as Gill. Lord ran like a FB.

I still love that guy. Incredibly underrated. If I ever met him, I'd buy him drinks all night for as long as he'd tell war stories.
I was a HUGE fan of that guy. It was criminal not getting him snaps the year prior to him starting, and one of the many reasons I wasn’t impressed with Solich’s coaching style. I remember one of the few times he got in a game late, and he was rolling right and threw an absolute laser about to a receiver who was also running to the right side of the field. In stride, on target, and effortless. If there was a criticism of Lord’s throwing motion, it was his windup. He had a very pronounced windup in his motion which I thought limited his ability with any quick slants or throws to guys flaring out of the backfield. That motion made his deep ball as good as most anyone we’ve had, though he rarely got the opportunity before he’d have to tuck and run.

seemed like a great kid, a solid teammate, and someone who never got thr recognition he deserved for his efforts.
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so now that we know where he’s going abd have discussed it in three threads for weeks can we leave it alone. There are some other threads on here that are more enjoyable. Hell we got a Quarterback yesterday. The 12 team playoff thread is very interesting. Ducktown did a nice explanation on how the transfer portal can help a team like Nebraska. Point is I’m tired of LM and I wish you guys where too.

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