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Luke Fickell "there might be something there"

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Almost zero percent chance. If he does come here, its to rob the coffers, go three and 9 and leave.
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I was listening to the Pick 6 Podcast and those postulated that maybe Trev has a guy he’s wanted since last year. They mentioned Matt Campbell but what if it’s Fickell. Trev knew Fickell wasn’t going to leave last year as they were headed toward a birth in the CFP. Trev keeps the Frosty fans happy by bringing their guy back knowing he would fail and that Fickell probably wasn’t going to be able to make another CFP run from a non power 5 school.

Now Trev has his guy. If we don’t hear anything next weekend then we know it’s a coach whose team is playing in a CCG and that narrows it down to Fickell or Klieman. 8 years/$64 mill with $7-8 mill for assistants.
Highly doubt we get Fickell, but would be thrilled if we did.

If some of the names being thrown around are really legit candidates, then I would almost consider it malpractice for TA not to have at least made a serious attempt to get Fickle. I get that it could be that there is no way Fickle would consider coming here, but you have to make him say "no".

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There was a flight that went from Palm Beach to the UK to Dubai back to Belfast then to Palm Beach and just landed in Lincoln this afternoon. I think it’s Fickell or Meyer
I think I saw all of this when I drove past PBI Airport yesterday. Trump’s plane was obstructing my view though.
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