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Indiana Week Practice Schedule: Thursday 29 Sept. Coach Busch Coaches Radio Show

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From the AD:

For planning purposes, here is our football media schedule for next week. We anticipate this will be the standard weekly schedule for weeks with Saturday games.

Sept. 26-Oct. 1
• Monday:
No Media Access

• Tuesday: 11:30 a.m. Coach Joseph press conference on 6th Floor of West Stadium, 5-6 selected players to follow
Note: WBB Coach Amy Williams will lead off the press conference around 10:45 a.m., followed by Coach Cook. Following the football players availability, we are tentatively planning on Coach Hoiberg concluding the press conference

• Wednesday: Post-Practice (app. 10:20 a.m.)—Coach Whipple, Coach Busch available to Media, North Concourse

• Thursday: Post-Practice (app. 10:20 a.m.)—Coach Joseph available briefly to the media
7 p.m.—Nebraska Football Coaches Radio Show (Coach TBD)

Looking ahead to the following week with a Friday night game at Rutgers, we will move everything up one day on the schedule (i.e. Monday press conference, etc.)
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Coach Joseph already said last week they were going to slow down the offense in order to protect the defense

Indiana run defense is ranked #77 so hopefully we can run the ball with some success to keep them off the field

I remember his comments. Hopefully Coach Whipple and Coach Raiola will try to take advantage of that run defense ranking.
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