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Indiana Opens As A Two Point Favorite Over Nebraska Update: Huskers Now One Point Favorite


Yo Quiero runzas
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Vegas and the public has lost faith in NU. Seems to me the line reflects AM and WR not playing.
Vegas only has us beating Rutgers (if we played) we are the 13th rated big team on point spread...sad
we are underdogs rest of season. Anywhere from 4-19 points based on future odds
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Husker Fan
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I thought home field always worth 3? Either way...

It's only greater than 3 in certain circumstances (none of which apply to Nebraska against Indiana).

“(Home-field) is typically worth three points but it can be more for certain venues where a team has been particularly tough at home for a stretch of several years,” Edwards said. “Also, if a team travels across country, especially on a short week (BYU at UCF last week), that can result in adding another point (or more) to the home-field advantage. Weather can be another variable … like a team from up North playing at Miami at noon eastern in September or early-mid October.”