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Game 3 - Huskers host Terrapins - Sunday, 4-21-24 - Haymarket Park

Wow… For some reason I thought this game was later and I just joined.

But maybe I should go away since we are doing so good without me!

hit rt side
Hojnar just gets him at 1st

3 outs
1 lob

had to really range toward the foul line
and whipped it to 1st
another close play!!

3 innings in

5-1 Huskers!! :Biggrin:
7-1 Huskers

man on 3rd for Huskers after Triple by Brumbaugh

New pitcher for MD

No outs
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9-1…. Huskers

Trainers out with Columbus and he is actually walking around so we may not have a bad injury.


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