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Game 3 - Huskers host Terrapins - Sunday, 4-21-24 - Haymarket Park


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Sorry, top of the 2nd inning. Got my times crossed!

2nd inning and Huskers are ahead, 2j-0!

Here we go!

1 out in the 2nd inning
Md up

Orr is a bat

276 avg
2for7 and 3 rbi this weekendlines to Carey at ss

2 down

Keister ab
261 24 4 hr
0for8 this weekend/1 bb
for Keister

1-2 on s/m

Crosland on deck
hit to rt fld

Sanderson can't snag it!


2-1 Neb

our hr was at the same place for our 2 runs, I think
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fouled off
1-2 on Crosland rh

called strike 3!!

1 run in and 1 hit

end of 1 /2 innings
2-1 Huskers
Md leads series with 11-7 record

Stone hit a hr in 1st inning with a
man on..with 2-2 count on him

Carey ab

ripped foul onto left fld berm
nice grab by a patron!!

263 avg

fouls it off
0-2 quickly

0for4 on Fri
2for3 Sat

1-2 count
84 mph change up

McManus on mound rhp

s/m!! and it gets away!

all safe! run in!!!!

and Evans to 3rd
men on corners again!!
3-1 Huskers!!

:Hooray: :Hooray: :Hooray:

Sorry, Carey is out because
1st base was occupied

1 down
men on corners


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