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Egg Nog

been making my own from the recipe over at Seriouseats. Soooooo much better than any store-bought stuff. But....when you mix all the eggs, cream and sugar yourself it does give one pause as to the calorie count...

Going to give this a try. I really like eggnog but the calories are crazy high. I probably gained 30 lbs just reading the recipe.

Kind of belated, but wanted to research and post these after reading this:

One Cup Each
Egg Nog (Commercial non alcoholic) - 440 Calories
Heavy Whipping Cream - 414 Calories
Half & Half - 320 Calories
Whole Milk - 146 Calories
2% Milk - 120 Calories
Red Wine - 197 Calories
Shiner Bock - 97 Calories

Now these are tougher comparisons as I could not find liquid oz information. I would also surmise the specific gravity of these are lower than water, hence 8 weight ounces would be less than 8 liquid ounces. Fat is after all lighter than water.

Small DQ Oreo Blizzard 10 oz wt - 570 calories
Small DQ Chocolate Malt 14.75 wt oz - 640 calories

Tom and Jerry's. I forgot all about these.

I instantly craved one after seeing the name. Haven't had one in years.
this is what you want!



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