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Do we really suck this bad?


Yes we indeed suck. Previous teams have been sucky here and there, but now it’s our defining characteristic.

It turns out that our designated savior is our worst coach since T.O., by a lot.
It’s just numb. Now, if NU wins, it’s like, holy moly, they won a game. Just can’t seem to play flawlessly enough to win most times.
Nope it still hurts...yep definitely hurts otherwise I would just care anymore. I never see that happening.... I get as negative as some on here but I am venting... not calling for our coaches heads.

also I am in the school that it cannot ALL be blamed on the coaches...AND I am admittedly hypocritical because if the coaches see that a player is not executing that player should sit. Frost did this with AM with SOME success but unfortunately not enough.
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