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Do we really suck this bad?


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I really feel like there is no FEAR anymore.

Fear that if I make a 7th grade snap, that my helmet will be taken away for the rest of the week.

Fear that if I miss simple block I get to sit next to the water cooler for a while.

Fear is a great motivator!

How many catches by receivers today? Wandale doesn't count.

How many times did Iowa get 3 or 4 more yards per play.

3rd and 11 in the first series and give up 18yds.

2 and 21 i think and they get a dpi for first down.

When does this crap ever stop?
The negative things I see happening during the game are things that can be cleaned up at practices. However, with mistakes in the game comes consequences. Screw up in a game? Miss a critical block? Muff a punt? Drop a pass? Fumble the ball? Make bad decisions? All mean bench time at this point in the season. Surely there are kids who can get on the field and produce positive results. I would be giving some other players the opportunity to show what they can do.


Went to store across the street. (In need of some chocolate.) The Ethiopian lady asked me about our game. Told her: "We lost. Should've won." She says: "You always say that." I just said: "Yeah, well, that's our story."


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Pops, I like your posts, but I am not buying what you are selling here. I realize you are stating your opinion/hope, but mine is about 180 degrees from yours. This is not a good football team and to me they are not showing any promise. How I wish I am wrong.
Man i was messing around is all