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Divisionless Conferences?


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I do like to point out the math to SEC fans. Play one fewer conference game and the conference as a whole automatically loses 7 fewer games, which bumps up the mathematical ranking strength of the entire conference. Combined with the other strategic decision of playing very few true road games and playing cupcakes in November to avoid a late loss, the SEC is certainly showing that their focus is for their 2 or 3 strongest teams to have a better chance at the playoff. Nothing wrong with that at all, I just find it amusing that their fans frequently don't admit that this strategy is intentional and an advantage.
Playing one less conference game is NOT intentional. They are not playing one less. Three conferences "chose" to go to one extra game. One of them....the Big 12 was pretty much forced into it due to having 10 teams. We have way too many fans blaming the SEC and the other 6 conferences for not doing something that the BIG and the PAC chose to do above and beyond.

Its no different than yelling at the other conferences for giving one year scholarships compared to our 4. That is a B1G issue that doesn't have to happen. If Delaney chooses to give away recruiting advantages than we need to stop blaming the other conferences for ours putting in more restrictive rules.


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I'd rather see some kind of pod model, especially if the conference expands to 16 teams at some point. In a 4x4 alignment, you'd be guaranteed to play 3 rivals every year. For Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, that's an easy foursome to lump together.


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I guess I dont see the football side of being in the BIG if we don't play the other teams in the conference as often as we can. But then, I don't care very much about who is number 1 in the country compared with the fun of cheering in games against teams we play regularly. This fascination with being number 1 is different from trying to win games, and I just don't find it as much fun. I would rather be playing KU and KState and Mizzou, etc., as we did for a long long time (I would include Minn in that because for decades we played them almost every year) but the university is better off in the BIG for a lot of more important reasons so those games are gone forever. That being the case, I'm all for playing every member in the conference as often as we can.


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Prepare for the dumbest idea yet....

I'd like to see another tier of football created and have a promotion/relegation system like the EPL. You would have the Power 5, FBS and FCS. You have to schedule within your own tier or a lower tier (P5 can't schedule FCS).

Divide the Power 5 into 8 regional conferences with 8 teams. Schedule will be 7 Conference games and 4 OOC. Each 8 team conference winner then plays a Regional Championship Game which narrows the field down to the North, West, East and South Champions to play in the playoff. Basically, it is an 8 team playoff where each region has a champion that plays in the Final 4. Notre Dame joins a conference or gets left out.

Finally, every year, the bottom 4 teams in FBS get relegated to FCS, Top 4 FCS move up and the same for FBS and Power 5. Make all scholarship rules the same.

P5, FBS and FCS crown their own champions.

Anything that makes college football more like soccer I am against.