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Dedrick Mills To Announce His Plans For 2021 In The Next Week


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I want Mills to come back. That simple.

I want him to stay healthy, and be our workhorse and get a bunch of hundred yard games.

And then that will get him big money in the NFL.

Everybody wins!
has Mills done that in any of his college career? I don't know, but I know he didn't do that here.


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@WestTexasHusker He hs had some very good games but can’t seem to stay healthy....

If he wants to make big money, he needs to come back and demonstrate he can stay healthy with a bunch of very good performances.

My opinion of course as I know squat about how the NFL actually picks.


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On the other hand not sure his age would be that much of a negative factor? Why RB's only last about 5 years on average is the pounding they take not so much age imo. Yes people heal faster younger but he's only 24. Staubach didn't get to the NFL until 27 the same as Tayson Hill. They can't say Mills has been over worked in college since he only has 1912 yds total his entire college career. Hall at ISU had over 1500 yds just this season and he's only a Soph! lol I still think a good 2021 season for Mills might get him drafted which is a lot more money up front. Question remains does he want to bet on himself and will he get a lot more carries in Frost offense?
It's the millage not the age.


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In 2 seasons (18) games Mills has averaged a little of 12 carries per game. Lets contrast that to ISU's running back (Hall) this season who averaged 23 carries per game. How is Mills going to be a difference maker when that's all he touches the ball? Mills actually averaged 5 yds per carry for his entire career at Nebraska which isn't to shabby imo. The ISU RB (Hall) averaged) 5.5 yds per carry this season and led the nation in total yds gained. Perhaps Mills isn't a GREAT running back but at 5 yds per carry he should have been used a lot more. Against Rutgers he carried 25 times and gained 191 yds or 7.6 per carry. I'd say that's a game changer and it showed. Bottom line good RB's can't shine when they are only getting 12 carries a game imo.
He is no Hall, not even close. He is an average back at best. I don’t think he is NFL caliber but who knows. I’m not sure Nebraska has anyone that plays like they are NFL caliber.