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Dabo Swiney and Scott Frost


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NU will be no quick turnaround. If things go right we’ll be “in the conversation,” year 3, but for the Skerz to seriously compete for a NC, get into the playoffs consistently, that’s probably 5-7 years off it happens..
I think we could be knocking at the door in 2020.


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I think we will be lucky to win the conference once every five years. OSU and Michigan will be too tough to topple from the top. Others will pull of a miracle every once in a blue moon. If we can become better than WI, I will be happy. I don't even let myself think about another NC. I'll be elated should it happen though.


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On #2, a question I have is why is Brent Venebles not a head coach right now? And after last night, his stock will hardly ever be higher...why would he not be bolting for the HC job of his choice?
Here's why he's sticking around imo. Why take all the grief as HC when you can make this kind of money with 80% less of the headaches? He can get another DC job in 5 mins should he want to leave....
Clemson has made a second major statement this year about how much they want to hold onto defensive coordinator Brent Venables. After upping his salary to $2 million a year in February, the school extended the deal to five seasons through 2022 and added retention bonuses that make the package worth $11.6 million.


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Dabo's post game interview has confirmed what all the print media led me to believe. Dabo Swinney is Scott Frost with a 10 year headstart. Dabo was a Homegrown Alabama product known for toughness. Though he doesnt have the coaching pedigree, NFL experience, or offensive genius, he has the intangibles that Frost has. His love for his players, ability to build relationships, and ability recruit to his system is tremendous. We hear Frost talk about Unity of Purpose. Last night I heard Dabo speak about a Singleness of Purpose, his Faith, and the love the players on the team have for each other. We saw what love can do for a team i.e UCF. Bama clearly lacked the togetherness, love, and relationships last night. I understand it was a difficult situation for them, but everyone on their sideline was isolated and distant , especially the coach.

I believe Dabo got Clemson to this point because of his ability to build relationships and foster culture. It took him 10 years because he is not the X's and O's genius like Frost. Frost will not need 10 years to compete on a National level because he has both the X and O's and the relationship parts.

BTW Clemson is not an easy place to recruit to. Clemson is isolated from major Metro areas, Greenville, SC is close (20 miles) and the local T.V. market is fairly large around 2 million in the SC Upstate but its no metropolis. Its a spread out not population dense, hilly area with little to do for college students. Yes Clemson is located in the south and close to recruits but Clemson is isolated from cities and doesnt offer much for students to do, Clemson population is only 17,000. And this is not like a suburb of Greenville, like Papillion is to Omaha, Clemson is seriously isolated. Dabo started winning with 2 and 3 stars. He didnt start getting 4 and 5 stars until he made his first Playoff appearance.

Frost will have the same success as Dabo, just sooner.
Haven't read the rest of the thread yet so sorry if this has already been addressed, but the bolded is not true. There may have been some 2 and 3 stars and the talent has improved a lot. But it was already pretty good when he took over. The reason he got the job was that Clemson disappointed in 2008 when they entered the season ranked 9th. They had more talent than we do now.

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Spot on. I see parallels between Scott and Dabo. NU will be no quick turnaround. If things go right we’ll be “in the conversation,” year 3, but for the Skerz to seriously compete for a NC, get into the playoffs consistently, that’s probably 5-7 years off it happens. Venables is a GREAT DC.

Last night, early in 3Q I looked over at my wife and said I think all the staff turnover is catching up with Saban.[/B]

That sounds like some kind of STD :Eek:

She went to the doctor for a constant burning sensation and was told she had contracted a bad case of the Skerz.
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