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Composite 4-Star CB Henry Gray is 'N'

Purple Prof

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Looks like they visited Michigan at the same time. Cullen retweeted Henry’s response. Might be looking for a twitter boost with the GBR, or maybe Henry is recruiting.



Slow Blinker
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I just want to say how proud I am of this board and fanbase after reading the 247 The Swamp Forum thread about Gray commiting to Nebraska. I've never seen such classless people in my life. Grown adults saying the kid sucks for changing his mind after supposedly silently committing to UF. The number of sour grape comments like, "He was terrible anyway....we didn't need him" and "nobody else wanted him" despite the fact he would have been their highest rated d-back over the last two years is laughable. I know we display similar behavior sometimes, but we actually laugh at ourselves when we catch us saying things like that.

I know I get frustrated with our fanbase sometimes, but we are head and shoulders a better fanbase those folks. Very embarrassing.

And as for Gray....He is a GREAT get. Happy to have him Florida fans!!!!

chicago husker

Da Bears
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Myles. Slusher.

Ok what am i missing?
Myles Slusher
Myles Slusher

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