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Chicken and waffles


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So, I was left unsupervised again for the weekend and I decided to try something different. Instead of my usual BBQ, I made some delicious fried chicken and belgian waffles.

I'll post up some pics as soon as I can but the new size limits for the site render it almost indecipherable.

Anyone else here ever have chicken and waffles?


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Living in Pennsylvania, yes. I love them. Don't have them much, but when I do I wonder why I don't have them more.


I have squandered my resistance
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I do anytime I'm in Houston
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Best in the land. I have attempted to make em...I was spoiled by the best so gave up


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Still waiting for the photos?
Crap, sorry Buff. I've been having all kinds of trouble posting pics since the changes to the BBS. Every time I try, it tells me its too big (I get that a lot), regardless of the file size. Granted, this was from my Android device so I'll try it on a PC and see what I get. The pics really didn't do the flavor justice, I was a bit lubricated by the time I got to the picture taking.