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Championship: Nebraska/Stanford


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Whether it was out or not, there was zero that made that indisputable.
Absolutely correct, which is why it should have stood as called - out of bounds. You have to have indisputable evidence to overturn the call on the court. Oh well. Despite the incompetent review official, we still didn't do enough to win. Great effort; but, Stanford did enough to put them in position to win at the end. That is what champions do. Amazing job by the NU team. I really didn't think they could go all the way to the championship match this year. I'm glad they proved me wrong. GBR!!!


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Ugh! I had my DVR set and even added 30 minutes to it, only to have it stop recording with our Huskers leading 2 - 0 in the 5th period. I avoided all possible outlets that may give the final score away. Disappointed in the final outcome, but very proud of our Lady Huskers. Someone said it, we should have won the first set, if we just don't give up those 5 Aces, we would have been up 2 - 1. But Stanford wasn't 31 - 1 for nothing. Congrats to the Cardinal. Hats off to our Ladies though, great 4 year run. GBR!!!

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Proud of our Volleyball's team accomplishments; competing for another National Championship.

As was stated, they just didn't have enough to win it, but being in position to compete for a back-to-back NC is a great testament to the type of program that coach Cook has developed and sustained. This team is young... odds are good that they'll be in this position again.

Great to see our Volleyball program playing at championship level year after year. Congrats Huksers!!

Get after it 'em next year!!

As for Stanford's locker-room whiteboard (shown above)... meh... just a reflection of their teams' and coach's character. Actually, that doodle is a bit immature/childish IMHO. But hey, there's a lot of trash talk (and/or other stuff) that team's engage in before, during and after a game to either motivate themselves or get into the heads of their opponent.

It will be interesting to see if that image spurs any "noise" when/if it hits other social media channels.
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Curious the takes on it.

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The coaching staff needs to keep this picture and show it to future teams. Not as motivation for revenge. The coaching staff can tell future players to never stoop this low. This is the character of other teams. You are now at Nebraska. You are better than this. Now behave accordingly. You will do not only those you represent proudly, but you will do yourselves proudly. Just like the 2018 Nebraska Volleyball team has done.


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It didn’t bother me greatly to be honest. It is stupid and I can’t believe it was allowed in the first place let alone left up to be discovered or photographed. I am as sure as possible Cook would have addressed this immediately. I do find it ironic that this involved Stanford, representing the class of the left coast - and from the state that banned..............Straws.


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It was a very disappointing loss. Having a good chance, but then coming up just short in a NC game is hard to accept but I am over it now.

We coulda/shoulda won the 1st set.

But the 5th set belonged to the Cardinal. Stanford only made one mistake in the 5th set. Fitzsimmons missed a kill shot down the line. It went just long. Stanford played a flawless 5th set and won a NC.

The Huskers played aggressive and went for it in the 5th set, which was the right thing to do, but they made 4 errors to Standford's 1.

Husker errors:

1. Long serve by Foecke
2. Missed Kill shot down the line by Foecke
3. Missed serve by another Husker player
4. Asian girl let a good serve go by thinking it would be out. (that was a close call that should not have been reversed)

The Huskers played well in the 5th set, but Stanford was nearly flawless.
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My son and I watched the match on Saturday live. Even when down 14-11 in that 5th set, he still thought Nebraska was going to come back to win. If not for the two service errors in that final set... Anyway, what a match. The team fought until the end and should be proud.