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Championship: Nebraska/Stanford


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Great effort by Nebraska. Absolutely nothing for the team to be ashamed of. They played a great match against an excellent opponent.

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Damn....Stanford made a few more plays than did we. Did not fall our way tonight, and that's tough, but man what a year and boy I can't wait until August. The team is going to be very determined to get back to the title match in 2019...Until then, congrats to the ladies and coaches and all who make the program best in class...Nebraska is proud of you!!!


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What a great match tonight. What a tough loss Ladies. :Mfclap:

I'm really happy with how all of you pulled together through the season to even make it to tonight's match. :Rockon: :Mfclap:

It's too bad, Kenzie and Mikaela, that you aren't going out with another trophy; but what careers you both have had during your time at NU. Thank you for all the exciting times. :Rockon:

And thank you also Brook for your career at NU as well. :Mfclap: :Hooray:

Good luck as you ladies continue on in life. :Rockon:

Congratulations Ladies for a pretty darn great match tonight and a pretty darn great season.

:Balloons: :Cheer2: :Huskers: :Cheer2: :Balloons:
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Fantastic match & two great programs ... first and last set were sooo close, granted I'm biased, but thought DONU was the better squad tonight, some tough bounces - very proud of them all. GBR!!