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Brice Turner ATH Bay City, TX is N


Not as pretty as Kevin Kugler
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I didn’t see a scholarship offer tweeted. Is he a walk on?
Love that he’s a burner. It’ll be fun to torch B1G west secondary’s
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Won the Texas 4A 100-meter title as a junior with a wind-aided time of 10.25 seconds and the 200-meter title with a wind-aided time of 21.04 seconds. Ran several sub-11.00 wind-legal 100- and sub-22.00 200-meter times, including a 10.48 100 and 21.40 200, both at regionals.
Earned second place in the Texas 4A 100-meter championship as a sophomore in May 2021 with a wind-aided 10.51. Placed third in the 2021 Texas 4A 200 title with a 21.68.



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i like on some of those run plays, he knew when its time to turn the jets on and when it was time to let the play develop and a hole to run thru opens first. number one gripe i have about football is seeing a runner just run into a pile of players thinking their gonna blow that scrum up. it never happens...
Like AA, he wont need much of a hole either it seems, if he can do it next level
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