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any good canada fishing referals ?

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been waiting to take my son fishing in canada, til he was old enough to stay in a boat all day. he loves to fish, but gets limited time doing so, as we leave in Los Angeles.

I used to go to western ontario quite a bit, (kenora, red lake, sioux lookout) but its been 20 years, and thing change. Has anyone been to that area, and can refer a good place? Im wanting meals provided and a guide, so its gonna be spendy. Northern Pike and small mouth, are the main target. Any help is appreciated.


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Maybe @ksuhusker has been there
We just got back from a fly in bear hunt in Manitoba and they run fish camps as well. We hunt with same group for multiple adventures. Jason Lambley does the hunting through www.huntsfromtheheart.com and is a Nebraska boy. Clinton whitewater does the fish camps and his contact info is attached.
I have not been there yet, filming a Caribou hunt next year up there plus fishing. Wish I be more help.


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Only place I fished was Lake of the Woods, the northern were thick, but that was many years ago.


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What species are you looking to fish? I haven't fished in Canada in over 10 years but my dad used to go every year or every other year. I can ask him. In his later years he's enjoyed going way up North for Lake Trout because trolling is less strenuous than casting all day. I find it boring but I get it. He's caught some monsters.