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Another Weekend, another Smoke.....

can you still see the collagen? typically thats a sign of undercooking. if you are pulling it cuz of dryness, the tallow will help alot and allow you to get to the full temp.
No collagen just zero flavor with chewy texture and almost no juices.
No collagen just zero flavor with chewy texture and almost no juices.
interesting, if the collagen is gone it should be overcooked and crumbly. i would definitely try the tallow wrap, i use butcher paper but others use foil. i prefer the butcher.

For flavor you can inject it, the rub really doesnt do much to the inside, thats all about the outside. various brands make dedicated injection, Butcher BBQ, Meat Church, kosmos come to mind as easiest to find locally.

cook at a lower temp? I set at 220 degrees, takes over 15 hours depending on size,
I cook till internal is over 200 degrees
I use the masterbuilt 1050 smoker.
that was my other thought too, lower the temp 5-10 degrees. you just dont want to cook it too fast.

Ive seen all the pitmasters that do hot and fast smoking and i have tried it to no success. my guess is thats tv mumbo jumbo

PB 1 resting now
I'm not going to give up, just getting a little bit frustrating not having it turn out decent. I appreciate all the suggestions

I think every brisket I've done has been at least 14hrs. Usually start in the evening at set pit for 210 or so. In the morning it's usually close to the stall and I'll go up to 225. I inject usually with coke/apple juice and spices. wrap at the stall and cook to at least 195. I put water pan in and the only time I ever open the lid is to wrap. Did a 19lb brisket last month that took almost 26 hrs

I have a smokin-it model 2 electric. I do brisket at 225 degrees. When meat hits 160 wrap in foil or butcher paper and put back in smoker till meat hits 198 degrees , take out and wrap in towel and put in cooler for at least an hour, or up to 4 hrs if your not ready to eat. It turns out great every time . Good Meat thermometer is a must! You’ll figure it out, just takes practice.

I render down all of my brisket fat trim. By the time I hit 160 internal I inject warm tallow, not hot, and double wrap in butcher paper. Then I raise the temp to 275 and go until 210 internal. Let it rest for at least an hour.

Saturday my 18 lb brisket was great. Quartered the finished, froze three chunks for later.
2 lbs of 85/15 ground from trimmings. A full quart of tallow for later use ( it is great for fried potatoes). Also, the beef cracklings from the render are excellent dog treats.


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