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2023 Scholarship Numbers

For fun, I pulled together what I think (I'm not a professional) the final numbers by position will look like. Please give me comments...don't worry you won't hurt my feelings; I only have one feeling anyways.

PJ Estimated Numbers by Position.PNG
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What happens if they don't have enough players leave voluntarily? Seems like a bad look to me to kick people off the team because we over-recruited, and I really hope it doesn't come to that.
The one year you canget away with it and it not look that bad is year 1. Then you have the built in, "he did not fit what we are trying to do," excuse.

Guess I have a question? Do the guys on portal go on scholarship right away or do they have to wait until fall? I assume all the portal guys will practice right away
When they enroll. My understanding has always been that you can only have 85 enrolled on scholarship at any time. I can't remember who all from the 2023 class (HS/JuCo) is an early enroller, so as long as no more than 10 enroll early we should be fine. Then by fall camp we'll need to be back at 85. That's why you'd see a lot of walk-ons go on partial semester scholarships in the past during the spring - Michigan has always been big on this.

It's hard to understand how a guy will willingly give up a full ride scholarship. With no guarantees of getting a scholarship elsewhere. If me they would have to force me out
Very true. Especially with so many teams being so far over 85, either a lot of kids will be left without a team or the lower levels will be having a field day.
It's hard to understand how a guy will willingly give up a full ride scholarship. With no guarantees of getting a scholarship elsewhere. If me they would have to force me out
Can they force someone out — as opposed to suggest? I thought in the B1G you had a 4 year scholarship promise. So you could force out guys who have had 4 years, but not others? Most schools seem to be a little or a lot over the 85, so who has room for a second or third or 4th string Husker after the spring? If I were those folks, I would stay out for NU football and keep my scholarship. I think dropping 16 or more scholarship players may get ugly. We will see.
I guess the position that it jumps out at me is QB. We will have 6 guys looking for reps during the spring, its just not a number that works and the reality is at least 2 kids there wont even have a real shot at earning a spot. In the back of my mind I have always thought that Haarberg has a lot of tools and maybe a good developer could really make him into something. It appears the opportunity for that has probably passed him by. Not sure if it is because of him or the quality of developement that he received.

Another thing to consider on who you force out is next years class as well. If several of the guys you force out are using their last year of eligibility now you have the same problem next year. I believe we only have 13 seniors at this point, not many scholarships available, and if you cut some of them and replace them with guys that have multiple years left you end up with the same situation next year-very small class or cutting a bunch of kids loose.

Looks like Wr, Db, TE, Rb, and qb needs trimmed down some.
Just a guess, but I'm thinking we'll lose 2 QB, 3 WR, 2 TE, 1 DL, 4 LB, 5 DB and add 1 DL. I could also see a specialist move on if a certain true freshman beats him out. I could also see some positions shuffling around though. Who knows what will happen when they actually put pads on.


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