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N2FL Ranks the 2019 Commits

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by N2FL, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Middle-aged_Ball_Coach

    Middle-aged_Ball_Coach Recruit

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    My ratio wasn't always that high, but then I started doing heavier squats with the bar behind me, and my numbers went through the roof.
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  2. Real Red in IN

    Real Red in IN Recruit 5 Year Member

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    I promise to read every word. Love to read this and gives us something to look forward to.
  3. N2FL

    N2FL Travel Squad 10 Year Member

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    Actually sitting down and taking an in depth look at Nebraska's class, I'm really impressed. They are really hitting on some things they've talked about doing since they arrived. Offensively, you see a common theme among the skill guys they're bringing in: They're game-changing home run hitters. The offensive linemen have great frames and are high-ceiling kids, even if a couple of them are really raw - who could conceivably not pan out like they want. But I guess that's the case with a four-star as well.

    On the other side of the ball, coaches have mentioned the need to upgrade the overall size, length, and athleticism on the defensive side of the football since they arrived last year. With 3-5 more defensive players likely to be added in February, you can already take a look at the kids coming and see they're hitting on that. Look at the size of the DB's. Just look at the heights of the defensive players added across the board.

    Really impressive.
  4. 36Blast

    36Blast Slow Blinker

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    Jeremy, your detailed contributions are not only appreciated, but enjoyed, especially during the offseason which was mentioned earlier.

    With regard to your position assessments, I truly hope Piper is moved to the Oline...as he is too good of an athlete and I like my big athletic guys on the offensive side of the ball. I also agree about Wandale...not that my opinion means squat. Jmo.
  5. One Man Jury

    One Man Jury Red Shirt 5 Year Member

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    The more the better. I love reading your posts.
  6. Stewdogg

    Stewdogg Recruit

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    I 100% agree!
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