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Wish we could get this kid as a preferred walk-on


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Oh I see! The “we” that you refer to is the NU coaching staff and that is their opinion and you are merely passing the information along to me as a mere mortal.

Sorry, that’s still an opinion. (Notice the use of bold rather than caps for emphasis )
Lol - no worries, I realized when you went caps on me it was getting a bit down a path I wasn't trying to take it.

I for one like the kids film... pretty sure our staff would take a walk-on that "statistically would show a better upside", especially with 6 QBs already on the roster. As others have pointed out, there are only so many spots, and if we are turning away all-state linemen due to being too short, it means numbers are tight. All that said, you bring this kid in every day of the week in some situations. I believe one year we only had 3 QBs on the roster total. The kids stats say he deserves a shot, but time and time again, you see kids like this try it then bump down a level.