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Which would you rather have?


I'd rather watch a high powered offense, but a high powered defense is generally a better formula for success. In reality, I'd like to not have to choose, just have both.

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Offense if it includes a strong running game that can control clock. That makes up for some defensive issues. Would be interested to see a deep analysis on how much a strong defense adds to winning likelihood through turnovers/field position.

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I remember the days when Nebraska could limit a team's run game to negative yardage...of course the competition wasn't always the greatest...you know, like Georgia Southern or North Dakota.

I would settle for dominance on either side of the ball with respectable play on the other.
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If I had to choose it would be offense. It's just more fun seeing players running all over the field. With a good coach you don't have to choose because he will recruit a good DC and a good OC.


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A high powered offense or a shut 'em down defense?
I think this depends on how competent the other side is. When TO coached Nebraska up until about 1991 our offense was high powered and our defense played hard but was by no means an immovable object. TO was an offensive coach so it suited him to control the game through his offense.

What I would prefer is an offense that is run first, with a mobile QB, where we utilize the QB mobility. Then I would prefer an attacking defense. One that covers tight for 15 yards but needs the blitz to get home after 15.

But if everything is absolute, a high power offense can win games until a defense improves.


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Chadwell = Frost
Hardly, Coastal Carolina has ranked in the top 25 in total defense the past two seasons and top 5 in total offense last year. In 2020, Coastal was 18th. Frost is not the same. I understand Coastal is not a P5 team but Chadwell does what he's supposed to. Frost never even had a top 40 defense while at UCF and succeeded with a high-powered offense and told opposing offenses to basically outscore them.


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You can have the best defense in the country but if the offense is 3 and out every time the defense can't hold out the entire game. Obviously it has to be a balance.

A powerful run game with big offensive guys is a proven recipe for wearing down the other teams defense. Plus it gives you control of the clock. Keep the ball away from the other team and they can't score. Wear their defense down and score at will.

A competent defense is just as important but they don't have to get a 3 and out every series either. Make the other team work for yards, be hawkish and create turnovers, and prevent big plays.
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