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What's your best oh $*** meal?

Big Burruss

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You ever been slaving away in the backyard and looked at your watch and realized it's 6:30 and you haven't even started supper yet?

Usually that results in fish sticks and tater tots or a trip to Papa Johns in my house. Anybody have some good 20 minute meals?
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What's your beat oh $*** meal?

Mac'n Cheese, grilled cheese, pizza, going out. Thankfully I am not lactose intolerant. That would suck.


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Breakfast is always a good go-to in this situation. Nothing needs to be thawed or prepared beforehand.


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Pizza bagels/biscuits depending on what you have on hand.

You could fry up chicken nuggest, just cut the frozen chicken up into small pieces and it should fry up just fine.

Grilled cheese with bacon/salami/pepperoni/hamwhatever meat you like and have on hand. Add a few different cheeses and sliced tomatoes (cherry tomatoes work too, just cut in half).

Spag. is easy.

Buttered egg noodles with italian seasoning or lemon pepper seasoning. Any chicken you can drop in as well just adds to it. You can add parm cheese on top as well.

Velveeta/rotels dip is very good as well. I love to add ground sausage to it which you can cook from frozen pretty quickly.

Shrimp dethaws and cooks quickly.

Beef taco's, just takes a few minutes to dethaw the hamburger.

Make large batches of soup (tomato, been and bacon, chicken noodle (leave out the noodles when you freeze it)) and freeze leftovers.


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breakfast burritos. scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, tortillas, and salsa. Quick and good.