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WBB Alums in the Coaching Ranks

Red Don

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As Noted by someone else:

WBB Alums in the Coaching Ranks:
Hallie Sample -- assistant coach Mckendree University -d2

Jasmine Cincore -- assistant coach Rodgers State -d2

Emily Wacker (Wood) -- assistant coach Missouri Western -d2

Janay Morton - GA University of Jameston ND -- Naia

Rachel Blackburn -- GA Adams State d2

Maddie Simon -- GA Memphis State d1

Sadie Murren has an administrative role for Kstate womens basketball

Domonique Kelly is coaching Hs locally Lindsey Moore is coaching college at University of Pacific also but they have both been out a school a little longer.

Red Don

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Thanks @SWVAHusker ! :Salute:

Just an update on Emily Wacker (Wood) (reported by someone else :Redface:)

Emily Wood initially went to UNO as director of operations for 2018-19 season. In May she took a job as assistant coach at Missouri Western under head coach Candice Whitaker who was previously at Texas tech.

I am so proud of ALL of our Husker Ladies! :Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap:


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I mean, that's not really a "who's who" of a coaching list of former players. But congrats al the same.