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Vince Genatone

If he were a legit 6-2, there'd be no question he'd get (have) an offer. I've seen him listed 6-0, 6-1, depending on the source. If he comes in and measures say 5-10 and 5/8 or something, he might not get one. It'd help if he had a long wingspan. If he's 5-11, but has a 6-3 wingspan, they might overlook him not having ideal measurables. With his elite track speed and wrestling background, he checks a lot of boxes. I think he gets an offer.
If the height isn't there, safety instead.?


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Put up some good numbers:

NEB today: 40:4.45 Vert: 38.5 Cal last weekend: 10’7 broad jump.

Believe he only moved to LB in the middle of last year, but those are pretty elite athletic numbers. Hope we don't wait too long for this or he may get the love elsewhere. The local list of kids we've slow played who look like this guy have turned out good (despite walking on or getting a blue short/grey shirt -- Reimer and Gifford).