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USA Today sues NU


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Need to know? Seriously?

We're not talking about missile plans or satellite photos here.

And I agree that the consequences you list are absolutely possible.

The problem is that this was an official conversation had by two state employees so of course a news org would try to get that info in the process of writing a story. So, absent some exception, USA Today probably will win.

I'm curious if there really were metrics or if that was just creating some wiggle room within the press and the fan base.
This is where my head is at, especially the bold part.


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Way back in my career I worked for the University as tech. I am sure if somebody would have wanted to they could have gotten my salary. I also had goal documents that I am not sure would have been available, nor would I want them to be. I view these performance metrics as goal docs that should probably be kept private if desired by the coaches. Whether the law agrees with me, I guess we will find out.
You can look up a state employee salary in most states pretty easily. You can in my case. But you cannot look up my annual performance plan, nor should you be able to.


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Agree with most of everything posted. Their contracts are public, what is expected should not be. Juat another example of press over stepping what they think is owed or they are entitled to

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Some people responding here are acting like we don't know the salaries for Frost and Hoiberg. We do know the salaries. We know bonuses. What we don't know are performance metrics. That's it. And those may not be written in the contract.

Remember what Osborne said after terminating Callahan? He said they met and laid out specific win totals that were needed for him to keep his job. Those weren't disclosed in advance, nor were they written into a contract.

I think that's the case here. The official addendum to Frost's contact is available publicly. The university (and state) should not be bound to provide performance metrics for every employee. Or do you feel that an assistant bookkeeper for the state Board of Geologists with a history of tardiness should have her performance goals published for all to see? We need to know that she'll be formally reprimanded if she's late to work two more times in the next 6 months?

Yeah, I retract my posts. I misunderstood what was at issue. I thought information about the performance bonuses were the issue, but as you point out, that information is already publicly available.


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Could've just left it as "we're cutting Frost's pay, and we'll see what happens next season." Instead spun it as "Everything'll be fine for NU no matter what happens; we've hedged all our bets in a secret contract."
Except there's no secret contact, because it was already made public. I think you're making things up to be contrarian.


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I suspect that this issue is in fact more important to the journalists than to the fans, as it should be. Secret government contracts or understandings are something all of us shouuld care about and be pleased that some part of our country worries about them. That's true at all levels of government.

The federal agencies are subjected to about 800,000 FOIA requests annually, and from that about 16,000 administrative appeals. They have mediation in their law, and many go that route. That and state laws on te subject are all part of government in the sunshine.

As I said before, two things: One, the issue will be decided by the AD before this law suit is decided (don't know whether that moots the lawsuit), and two since the full contracts and benchmarks have not been made public, we don't know whether they are suggestions or true hurdles; my guess is at the end of the day the AD can ignore the performance criteria completely and still make the operative decisions. If he can't make the right decison in that context, then we have the wrong AD.

As a fan, I'm not too bothered by this because I believe that the AD decision will not be determined by these markers; they are PR points only which he can use however he wants when he decides.
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