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Kind of a recurring theme for Nebraska. They do not seem ready to play in a lot of their games. Dig themselves run deficits and cannot recover. Not to mention some of Bolt ball decisions on base running, bunting, and hitting. Who is the next coach going to be?

Barring a complete collapse in May, Bolt will not be fired. Yes, this is frustrating but his win percentage is over .650 right now and going into last night they were 25 in RPI and are projected to make the tournament. That, and they are still in a strong position to win the regular season conference.

Not being prepared for these Tuesday night games is becoming inexplicable. In part, a lot of young pitchers on this staff but will not lead to being fired.

It would be hard to find a good coach whose predecessor got fired after consecutive 30 win seasons. Firing a successful coach happened once at the university and we have all seen how that has gone.

Let's cheer for a victory tonight and a strong finish to the season.
Will have to disagree with the OP. Will Bolt is no where near the hot seat as a coach. We are glad we have him. We had a strong early season campaign, which contributes to our strong standing in RPI. (As of today ranked 20th in RPI after defeating KState). We are a respectable 10-5 in conference play, and 28-15 overall. We are where we are at despite playing a schedule ranked 25th in strength of schedule. I'll add that our nonconference SOS was 9th in the nation.
The Huskers are short handed on reliable starting pitching arms for mid-week games and long relief. However, last year Bolt hired one of the most respected pitching coaches available in Childress. Expect our pitching depth to improve in the future. (Hey! How about that game pitched against K State?? No hitter!) Kinda looks like we have another arm to take us into the tournaments.
We've shown the ability to get runners on base, sometimes the LOB numbers are frustrating, However, Looking at it from the other view, we ARE getting runners on base, right? We've 10 run ruled two teams this year... ok?
Questioning a head coaches play calling from the grandstands or easy chair is as old as the game of baseball. Everyone is an Armchair QB. (heheheh!) Easy to do after a loss or two. Funny how we forget all that when we win.

The Huskers have a fine baseball team this year, representing us quite well. I believe the team is on the right trajectory with Will Bolt as Head Coach, for this year, and years ahead.



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