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Things Red Said!

RussianRed Jr.

князь в трауре
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Hey All,

It's been a week without my father, and it feels like years but again feels like seconds. I have gathered a tons of things My father said, just as a reminder of his spirit and voice. Hopefully some of you can imagine his voice and the others I hope you can see his cheeky half-grin.

If anyone would like an explanation or more insight on ANY of these, I might be persuaded to share...

Sooooooo First Post GOOOO!!!!!!!!

(We would go into resturants and he would say...) Do you accept Checks??? OH!!! Thank god I'm Russian

It's not a car, it's an Automobile

You're Killing me!!!

The Wind Blew, The $#!7 Flew, and You are only here for a day or two...

$#!7 Happens...

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Too many Chefs can ruin a salad

You couldn't hit your butt with both hands

Dumb@$$ (Sounded like a russian Red Foreman)

Did you iron that with a rock?

Fix your gig line son!

Welllllllll that's FUBARed

Get in close, Nut-to-Butt

The only easy day was yesterday

Mess with the best, Die like the rest

A man who farts in church really sit in pew

Don't show pain, don't show weakness

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Don't be a fairweather husker!

Keep it simple stupid!!!

Throttle out at the apex!

Don't redline 1st!

Smooth in, smooth out


Carpe Diem!

Semper Fidelis!

Si vis pacem, para bellum...

doveryai no proveryai

I'm a virgin, and Im 43, Not even Madonna, Would sleep with me! (this was a song he sung)

Calm Down FRANCIS!!!

Blonde in the road!!! 20pts

Look at that dog... And the puppy it's walking too!

Don't hit her, she'll dent your car!

I'd rather put 17 rounds of 9mm on target, than 7 rounds of .45

Two Centermass!!! One in the head!

Walk in those tracers boy!

That's not a tattoo, that's a mistake!

Junior, you've always got to fly the flag, no matter how hard it is!

Don't show emotion, BE STOIC!

If they knew what we did, We failed!

I sit with my back against the wall, so I can see who is gonna shoot me!

(This one was your guys fault ;] )

That's not a corvette, that's a plastic Impala

NICE STOP!!! (whenever someone california stopped)

I'm so hungry I could eat the northside of a south bound mule!

I'm so hungry I could eat the butt outta a skunk. (We all knew he could atleast pinch the butt of a skunk <3 )

(In dainty Micheal Jackson voice) Acchhhhooooo Tito, pass me a tisssuuueee

We Don't need no stinking badges!

Today, I'm just gonna be a drone...

You are such a Suck @$$/ Brown-noser

I am Maximus Dikus

Gladiators ON!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!
Bravehearts ON!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!
Ten Commandments is ON!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!

You'll shoot your eye out!

That could knock a buzzard of a $#!7 wagon!

Did you just $#!7 yourself? (whenever I farted around him)

Son... I've served my country. (whenever asked to do something gross, like wipe my butt ;] )

Tell Em' LARGE MARGE sent ya!

Somebody threw away a perfectly good white boy!

Pink & Yellow tuck & roll

Your Mom is a saint!


You're here???

Good to see you, Now leave me alone!

Rehab is for quitters!

Lay Still (He had a water bed, and hated the kids moving around and bothering him in it)

Can you hold this for me!?!? (This one is also your guys faults, after DJ's Dugout, NEVER FORGET IT!)

Shes got an hourglass figure, but her times all run out

This world needs @$$holes... I'm happy to ablige.

Get your dam hands off the walls!!!



You have already committed, you better keep your word, Thats all you got!

They used *Special Sauce* (or Jack's sauce) It's got a little Wang to it...

Golf- What a waste of a good walk!

Did you paint your eyebrows on?

Man, what a dittz...

Right Arm!

You son, are a melon head.

Quit leading with your chin!

I am a Bronze God!

What the hell is wrong with you boy...

Strike first, Strike fast

Your mom can cram 100 sq. ft of stuff in a 10sq ft. area...

If you don't believe me, just ask me!

Oh! Chief Dirty Butt of Never Wipe Tribe

Burns Burns Burns, ring of fire. (after eating something spicy)

I'll be in my office (the bathroom or computer room)

Put on your thongs!


Love Sucks!

Annnnyyyyyy Dayyyyy nowwwww. (slow drivers)

$#!7 or get off the pot!

Nice parkjob!

Why are all these lights on, it's daytime for christ sakes.

Must Be in the front row!!!

Just a bit outside

And last but deffinetly not least...

I'm still here aren't I???

Please feel free to add any you guys can remember, I will add to it if any come to me, and I'd love to tell stories too... Thanks for everything EVERYONE here has done. You truly were my dad's other family! (of which I wasn't TOO jealous)

Uncle Peanuts and Family, Thanks for this picture!

And Skunkman, I'll do the Skunk proud!
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nice. thanks! I remember reading a few of these since joining this board a few years back. :D