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The Chinander Scorecard – (Oct 10, 2018)


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So a couple of times now in various interviews with the media, DC Erik Chinander has identified the defensive statistics that he believes are the best measuring stick for a defense like his.

Earlier this Spring, he said:

“So there’s no need to put much stock in total yards allowed, Chinander said. He emphasizes ‘stats that work for us.’ Takeaways. Sacks. Yards allowed per carry. Explosive plays allowed. Points on defense.”

And just last week, he said:

“You need tackles for loss, you need sacks, you obviously need turnovers if you’re going to pair up with a Scott Frost offense. What I’m concerned with is (tackles for loss) stats, turnovers, limiting explosive plays, percentage on third down and percentage on red zone. Turnovers is king for me.”

Which got me thinking… well shoot, here’s a man that’s laying out there exactly how he thinks he should be evaluated. So how did he do? And after waiting long enough, I didn’t see any write ups, so I decided to figure it out for myself.

I started calculating percentage gains/declines, and it just wasn’t working. And my deck needs another coat of stain before sundown. So, I’ll just leave it as a simple table for now.

All stats are courtesy of cfbstats.com. All the math is my own (let’s hope I’m right.) And yes, if folks are interested, I’d be more than happy to update this during the season.


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Adding the original post for context.
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Good stuff Torch, would be good to watch/measure progress...
D definitely needs to get more hands on the ball and the sacks started out hot but have dwindled as season progressed. This D and players need some consistency in scheme and coaching, that’s been real lacking and been a real culprit to the mess N is in. Hopefully as season goes we can see some improvement in these areas.


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Should we burn him at the stake tonight, Mr.Torch.
In all seriousness, I’m not doing this to troll EC. I find his transparency regarding which stats he thinks are key quite refreshing.

But if you’re gonna say “this is what I care about,” it makes me curious to know how the facts sort out.

There’s a lot that needs improving on the D side of the ball, but I do remember thinking after the late strip sack against WI - boy, when was the last time that happened?!?
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It’s interesting how some of the defensive stats declined from 2016 to 2017, but when you consider how much more efficient the offense was, how they scored even quicker, it makes more sense. An incredibly efficient, fast paced offense is going to put tremendous pressure on a defense. Think of the ‘83 Scoring Explosion. That wasn’t a great defense, but the speed and efficiency of that offense put a level of pressure on it, that was just too much for it to handle some games.


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For a DC that really preaches takeaways, we really need to kick it into high gear.
We need the talent, the attitude, and the work ethic to make his defense work. I could never give Chin a grade until the end of the season...and that will be based on the small improvements we see during the 2nd half of the season.


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The biggest complaint about our defense this year is that the longer the season goes, the less aggressive we've become. We started the year blitzing, stunting, etc... Would like to see more of that.
Thought the exact same thing about becoming less agressive as season rolls along. It's almost like it was full speed ahead in the CU game to backing off now. In fairness the BIG is very different brand of football compared to say CU. After a 0-5 start if you're going to go down... go down swinging!

NW had 8 total yds rushing against MSU and still won... go figure!
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Let me start by saying 'great thread', its good to have some metrics going forward, to show progress. But what does it say about the current state? What is (or is not) going on right now that needs to be fixed?

Turnover training
Turnover discipline
Turnover intentions
Turnover talk
Turnover luck is not coincidental is it?

What are the things that need to change in order to start seeing turnovers? Are they caused directly by teaching guys certain methods for removing the object from the package? Are the caused indirectly by applying team pressure on the opponents somehow? Are they caused by gang tackling? Are they caused by classroom work? Why does Nebraska score so low in this category? Why? Why? Why? I want to know the formula so I can do my own interpretation on whether Chinny Chin Chin is doing his job right.

Steps for removing the player from the ball
  1. Hit them hard, knock them off balance so they have to take an arm off the ball to regain their balance.
  2. Hit the ball every time you tackle. Grab it swat it tackle it
  3. Know about leverage and human tendencies
  4. Look for opportunities at all times
  5. Wrap them up and pull back their arms, so your buddies can get to the ball
  6. If you second to the pile, you are the man for the job, hint hint
  7. The play is not over till the whistle
  8. No subtleties necessary, every play
  9. Oh I almost forgot, tackle the guy if you cant cause a fumble
Steps for getting the picks
  1. Be willing to give up the big catch in order to get the big pick
  2. Second guy is key for this as well, in case the first guy gets beat trying to make the pick
  3. Admittedly I think there is much about this that I dont know, regarding one-on-one pass defense combat
Pressure It all starts up front
  1. Rush the QB, rush the throw, rush the hand-off, rush the reception
  2. Put the tacklers and pickers in 2 on 1 situations
  3. Gang tackle everytime, help each other up for the next play
Practice makes perfect
  1. Have drills and do them every day. Reward guy seen doing the drills on their own time
  2. Reward caused fumbles in practice any time they are caused
All I ever hear is that turnovers are a very important part of the whole team philosophy, but I dont hear much at all about how they think they are going to increase turnovers. These are a list of the things I think about when I think about turnovers. Imagine what the professionals can do. GBR