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Tate Martell Leaving OSU?


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The funniest thing about Martell doing this is obviously how it juxtaposes with what he said just a couple weeks ago and what he cryptically tweeted as a dig at Fields. In that, he implied he, Fields, better pick the right team (with Martell there having been the backup for 2 years, he thought he was going to be the starter-no doubt), and also that Martell said something like “why would I transfer when I’ve put two years of hard work in here and Fields hasn’t done anything there).

Guess it did matter to Martell after all. Seems like everyone has anointed Fields as the starter already. Martell pretty much has to transfer now or he would like like an idiot to the teammates there. I can kinda see his side too. It’s one thing when you are there and have to compete with incoming Freshmen, but to have a transfer come in? That kinda tells you the coaches think they need more QBs to choose from.

Kinda makes me think of Trevor Lawrence, who going into Clemson knew that he was going up against 4-5 star QBs, but was all in and ready to compete for the job. Martell is no Trevor Lawrence.


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Hard to throw everyone under the same umbrella, it appears some have tried to compete but the timing was bad, already some good talent where they are, doesn't mean they haven't tried. Others it appears are running at the first sign of adversity. The second group are the ones to be a bit disappointed in.

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Ryan Day better hope that the NCAA moves quickly in its decision about Fields' eligibility. What if Martell leaves before the ruling and the NCAA surprises everyone by ruling Fields isn't eligible? Who's gonna step in then? Martell will have to sit a year if he does transfer...unless the NCAA grants him a waiver because his last coach has a medical condition and is taking another position within the program.


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In fairness, entering the transfer portal does not mean he has to transfer, just that he can transfer
Your right but here is some ramifications for the player if they do put their name in the portal.

Players who put their names in the transfer database are at risk of losing their financial aid from their current schools. As part of the transfer rule overhaul that put the database in place for the 2018 football season, schools have the right to take away financial aid for the upcoming term when a player decides he or she wants to be put in the transfer database.



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Transfer portal sounds like a futuristic term for slightly used CFB player flea market/community yard sale