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Summer League Huskers

'Skers Assualtman

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Let me know if this is of interest. If not, I won't post further.

Sunflower Collegiate League - Hutchinson Monarchs
Sam Novotny - 6'2" 195lb RFr Millard West HS
Hasn't pitched since June 17th and has left the team. Not sure if he had an injury or if it some other cause but he didn't fair well in his two appearances for the Monarchs. It is important to note that pitchers tend to be on very tight pitch counts especially early in the summer season. Sam took losses in both games with an ERA of 5.81 - had good command striking out 5 with only 1 walk. As with most of the pitchers we see in the Sunflower League (most are Fr or RFr) he only had a couple pitches he could rely on so once teams dialed in, they'd hit him hard.

Max Buettenback 6'1" 200lb Fr Lincoln Southeast
Max is an intriguing athlete. He was recruited as a catcher but has played multiple positions this summer for the Monarchs. Playing in every game this year primarily in the outfield but has also pitched in relief 3 times with a 4.2 ERA and DH in two games. Currently batting .364 with an OBP north of .500 - the kid just has a knack for getting on base. Unlike a significant number of the kids in this league he plays with discipline and "Max" (pun intended) effort on every play. He has made at least three or four diving catches in the outfield. I assume their lack of experience/maturity generally, I often see players in this league try to make the highlight reel play instead of playing fundamentally sound baseball (diving for a ball they can't possibly get to and having the ball get past them in the outfield), you don't see this from Max. Seems like a solid young talent.

There are also several UNO players on other teams and Nebraska natives sprinkled throughout the league. Unfortunately, not all the teams do a great job maintaining their rosters, if they even publish them so I can't provide much detail on any of them.