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Statement Week for the Big Ten?

NY Husker

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Your inquisitiveness is pardoned! Yes I am. We had a prolific poster there named New York Husker. He and I became good friends. Did you post there back in the days?
No, I did not. I've been a lurker/reader off and on for many years. So I'm not the same NY Husker. ;)

I always enjoyed your posts. A guy who was a good friend of mine used to post quite a bit and he turned me onto the site. I just never really had a lot of time to consistently monitor and post until recently. I would just read when I was able.

Thanks for responding. :thumbsup:


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My picks.. not that anyone cares. :0

heart is to black at the moment.. OU

Indiana keeps it close but loses

MSU wins over the canes

Minny wins over CU

ND slaps Purdue

PSU beats Auburn by 7

So far, spot on.. though I have not heard a score from the Minny CU game

Minny up 23-0
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