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Spring. Game. Primer.

And here we are on the verge of another spring game. Where’s my copy and paste button? “Guys have been working harder than ever”, “they like the new scheme, it lets us fly around more”. Did I get that right? We are all victims of it, whether you have a 4-8 year and you are anxious to start the new season so you can quit hearing about it, or you had a great year and want to continue on it, the spring game gives you a glimpse of what is to come and if all the offseason fluff is just that, or legitimate hype.

I’ve never been a big fan of when people say “the Nebraska way”, it seems a bit arrogant and I really never knew what it meant. The past few years and this hire have really put that in perspective for me. It certainly doesn’t mean run the ball, must use a fullback, or really anything on the field (well hopefully not since it won’t look anything like the 90s while Frost is here on the field with scheme). To me, it’s a bunch of things that are really tough to understand unless you’ve been around it and lived it, played for it, or coached it. Coach Frost numerous times has stated how “Nebraska got away from a lot of the things that made it special and that worked here”. The first thing that comes to mind is off the field and all sections pulling in the same direction. We saw with Pelini how things go when the administration and the head coach don’t get along. We saw with Riley how things work/look when the levers are being pulled from guys that have nothing to do with decisions on Saturdays in between the lines. We were paying tackling coaches to come in so we could show we were taking every precaution necessary and to avoid getting sued at any point. We were having guys make personnel decisions that weren’t coaches. We were telling the head coach to fire long time coordinators and bring in another guy that ran a completely different defense who the coach had no rapport with. It used to be that all the people involved from the truck driver that transports the equipment, janitors, secretaries, ADs, everything, they were all on board with the common goal. There was a level of trust and accountability. That was the Nebraska way. And this is trickling to every facet of our organization now. It resonates from all coaches, Chinander will speak to knowing the defense needs to “get the ball back so the nation’s best offense can go score.” Moos knows we need to increase roster size so we can get practices like Frost wants. It is extremely refreshing to hear people all talk with a unified message about why they coach things the way they do, and administration just letting a coach coach.

But it goes deeper than that. Do you know how hard it is for a coach with a multi-million dollar contract to put faith in the local kids of Nebraska that they can get it done? I don’t mean that as a blast to our local high school players, but again it’s something you had to live to understand. Frost has made mention about his 1997 team having 10 of the 11 starters on offense from the state of Nebraska. Say that to a coach now-a-days at another FBS school and unless they know our history, they won’t believe you. To further Frost’s point, do you know that the only conference championship game we played in in our current conference, we started 3 walk-on offensive linemen from Nebraska? We literally manned the entire inside of our line with a kid from Norris, Lincoln Lutheran, and Elkhorn High that we didn’t recruit to come here. They wanted to be here. We absolutely need those kids from out of state, but don’t be scared to get our best high school guys here either even if they don’t have the high rankings. Noah Fant, Harrison Phillips, Drew Ott, Nate Bazata, Noah Keller, Casey Sayles, they are all guys we missed on with the magical gift of hindsight. There will still be misses, but we will offer far more guys from Nebraska than in the past, and we will have an increased presence with our walk-on program. While Riley kept up the walk-on program, we were getting a lot of kids from out of state recruited to walk-on here. Not a lot wrong with that, Stewart Bradley did that and started. But the core is the kids that live and die Husker red. They set your tone. The story of Lawrence Phillips watching Matt Turman clean more than him in the weight room is still strong on my mind. Watching Noah Vedral at practice and seeing the energy we could have from our core is exciting to think about. More on that later.

Lastly, the “Nebraska way” lets you know what you are getting into. Someone on the former staff has spoken with me recently, and the impression I got was he just was not ready for what all came along with being a football coach at Nebraska. “Everywhere I went people wanted a picture with me or to talk to me about the team. It was crazy.” I got the sense he wasn’t ready for that, and liked it a little better not being in the spotlight. Jay Foreman once said that the Nebraska coaching job can be the best in the world, or the worst. If you bunker down like Bo and don’t give people anything, think the fans and media are against you (even though you may be right in some instances), it won’t make things better. Frost brings up being booed by Nebraska fans, and also talks about never being as good or as bad as you are portrayed by fans and the media, and to get better the next day than you were before. That’s about the best way you can handle it. And again, just remember that everyone wants what you want.

I will say that even tho this gets thrown around a lot, it does feel different down there. The kids are hungry to be better, a staff came in that has proven they are successful, and everything from practices to weight room is structured much differently. This staff will have a much easier time telling these kids how they want things done, why they make them practice the way they do, why they do things off the field the way they do. Taking a step back, is it really hard to acknowledge why Riley and their staff had trouble getting buy in? We fired a 9 win coach, brought in a guy that went 2-7 in his own conference, and then that staff had to tell the kids “you need to do things differently, here is what we did.” It just wasn’t going to work psychologically for 18-22 year old kids. Now, Nebraska is coming off a 4-8 season and brought in the National Coach of the Year that took a team from 0-12 to 13-0 in 2 years, capping that off beating a team in the Peach Bowl that beat the tar out of Alabama and Georgia. If the kid doesn’t want to listen to why he should do things differently, GTFO. We are getting more kids reps than ever, most of the time, 44 kids are getting reps at the same time to develop depth. There’s not a lot of stopping and coaching during these, they coach in the film room. Our coaches talk about “we’ve seen it and repped it dozens of times by the time it happens on Saturday.” I’ve had the pleasure at being to 2 or 3 practices and I’ll give my run down. I’ll try to remain more positive than negative here, and keep the glass is half-full mentality.


We will start with the flash and what UCF/Frost were known for. Careful here, as the first year down in Orlando, the defense is what carried the team. Watching Noah Vedral at practice is something that gets you excited, and not just when plays are going. He sprints from station to station and rarely looks tired, at one point in a practice I saw him 10 yards ahead of the offense, look back and start back pedaling encouraging everyone to get there. What’s going to happen when it’s a team full of guys like that that know what’s expected of them? The offense is built on a successive play theory. Where we may see things ran a couple times with no success, we are setting up a play later down the line. Here’s an example of that that UCF doesn’t hit against Auburn. They ran the short route a bunch, then faked the short route and tried to get their guy deep:

The offense is designed to create one on one matchups where our skill guys can beat people with speed like the video above. The spring game will look much different than you have seen and it will be fast. It’s going to be exciting. Let’s dive into the positions.


Let’s start with the one I’m most excited about. We will have an embarrassment of riches here, and this offense makes it so I can’t tell who is good and who isn’t. What I mean is, Frost stresses the defense so much that Ozigbo (who has slimmed down some) is ripping off 30/40 yard runs in practice. Bradley would be my pick on who looks the best while playing 11 v 11, he is elusive and quick. Wilbon has had some solid days as well (he’s packed on a ton of good weight too). Bell if you watch 7 v 7 or individual drills is the guy you say “woah, who is that”, but for me he hasn’t shown what he’s capable of yet in practice when the bullets are flying in scrimmages. Could be adjusting to college, could be adjusting to a new offense, could be his line isn’t performing as well as the other guys’. But I would give him the benefit of the doubt as well. And what gets scary is our RB room doesn’t get any worse this summer. In will come Washington, Jones, Woodyard, it’s going to get real dangerous in a hurry. This position won’t be an issue, and we will have multiple long touchdown runs that will be exciting for the people in the stands who say “just think when we get our guys in here.” The only downside here is Tre Bryant and his injury, I just am not very optimistic.


This is one of the positions that gives me some pause for thinking we can get to 9/10 wins this year. We are choosing between a kid that wouldn’t have got offered if Frost was the coach, a true freshman, or a walk-on JUCO to man the offense for 2018. Throw on top a new offense that goes as fast as possible, and it’s a challenge. It is amazing to see how much different our offense looks with Vedral at the helm, he makes others better with his knowledge of the offense and knowing what defensive player we are trying to put in conflict. If Vedral gets his waiver, I’ll feel better about things, but until then, we are probably rolling with Gebbia. Gebbia is much faster than people give him credit for, and he will be good in this offense. It’s just new and besides learning a new offense, he will be starting Division 1 football for the first time. That’s a lot to ask. Martinez is my dark horse who IN MY OPINION is sitting 3rd string right now. He has the highest ceiling but you can tell he’s not 100% healthy yet. Bunch is a guy that will show some real good things as well, so he’s at least an option for us. There’s just a lot to learn with this offense, you go fast to get the defense out of whack and make mistakes. The issue is, our signal caller can have that happen to them just as easily. Frost will get us in situations to win, our quarterback has to make the right decisions. We will get there, and this position will get better week to week. But you can tell we just aren’t there yet. The good news is, it was practice 2 and 10 (or whatever it was) that I saw, so who expects them to be where they need to? There will be some growing pains tho. What’s interesting is that all of those “awkward” throws that we watched Milton make for UCF, our QB coach teaches some of that stuff. There’s a ton of things that are for the most part frowned upon in the coaching/football community that we are teaching. It’s pretty cool actually to watch, because a guy like Vedral who has been working it so long looks great at it. We rep throwing late across the middle. Crazy times that I’m all for if it reverses our lack of conference title trend.


Should be pretty good here too, just like runningback… Spielman, Lindsey, they will be studs in this offense. The jet sweep they will run is really going to stress things laterally for the defense, so that if they don’t cheat to catch up to them on the edge, they aren’t going to get there. Once that starts happening, we will hit them up the middle with a zone read. Morgan and McQuitty are going to be reliable catching the football for us, Morgan is poised for a big year when Gebbia reverts to his comfort zone. And McGriff who enrolled this spring is a massive wide receiver, crazy to think how much trouble our last staff had recruiting big body WRs. We still went and got a little jitter bug WR in Williams who is “swimming in it” a little but working his tail off and made a few plays while I was there. And the unit gets deeper in a hurry with Dominick Watt (four star), Andre Hunt (USC decommit), and obviously some of the RBs that will split out. The key will be getting on the same page and perimeter blocking. I don’t have a ton here because we do have a ton of miscommunication early on, but I promise our staff is excited about what we have. There’s just a bit of depth issue. There’s a few times where Vedral would launch a fade and our receiver would break it off, or vice versa. Is it a read route we aren’t on the same page with? Is it miscommunication with the signals? That’s all stuff that will look drastically different after the summer, so I don’t read too much into that.


This is the other position on offense besides QB that we need to find someone. We have a bunch of serviceable dudes, but no one that’s going to wow in 2018 (currently). Rafdal got better from the first practice I went to to the next. Stoll looks to be getting better. Jurgens should be an immediate player if they are having trouble getting Snyder or Engelhaupt going. I’m actually surprised we didn’t move Miles here, because he doesn’t really have a spot in the backfield and he could probably help here. Watch that situation I suppose. But TE is a big weapon for Frost when he has his guys. Who steps up to make that happen? I see people at other positions that make me say “he can help”, I struggle at TE. But that could be due to not knowing who or what I’m looking for. This offense I have yet to see in Husker Red, so maybe we do have who Frost wants there.


So here’s the thing, we are better than what they had at UCF, but we aren’t as good as we want right now. Jaimes and Farniok will be good, but will they be good soon enough in 2018? Foster looks to be what his offers indicate, and he is poised to be the best of the group for 2018 in my opinion. We need that from him. But we have to find our healthy center, and unfortunately I still think Farmer either gets communication wrong a lot, or gets confused easily. Boe Wilson is certainly someone to watch. Little Farniok is a bit small but in this offense may not be the worst thing. Barnett has redistributed his weight and looks better, but is he ready? Gaylord doing better but is he getting more looks because of lack of tackle depth? Hunter Miller getting every opportunity while Michael Decker is out. I think we will take our lumps here, but with our ability to get to the outside with our faster backs and WRs, it may not be as paramount. I would say this position is still an issue, but our offensive philosophy could cover up some of our deficiencies. Our numbers at this position made it so we really couldn’t recruit to it this year. We will try to bring in some more athletic guys this year, but the ones we brought in like Jaimes, Sichterman, Farniok, etc., they are athletic for this offense. The good thing is we went heavy on tackles for the 2017 class which tends to be more athletic guys. Austin will do a nice job here.


Sticking with the 3-4 which means guys won’t have to learn new positions. The good news is that our defensive coordinator wants to play in the backfield. He prides himself on sacks, turnovers, and blowing up plays behind the LOS. While it is a very different defensive philosophy, guys aren’t having to change positions much again. How the defense does will be up to what we do at OLB and CB. There is an old football philosophy that how good your defense is depends on how good you are up the middle, so we should all hope that is true. We feel extremely good about our DL, we have 2 or 3 ILBs we are choosing between that should up to 3 or 4, and Frost thinks we brought in one of the best safety classes in the country to go along with Aaron Williams, Marquel Dismuke, and Antonio Reed. But corner is an issue. I’ll get into it more here below….


We are really excited with who we have here, and while our coaches are doing a good job pumping up our team with warm fuzzy’s, I think this is real. Ben Stille who led our team in sacks last year moves to DE, Mick Stoltenberg is back, Freedom Akinmoladun is back, Davis twins are back. That’s five guys right there we love. We can find 3 from that group. Damion Daniels has changed his body quite a bit and looks great, he even has done better in my opinion than the guy I was really excited about last year, Deontre Thomas. That takes us to 7 guys. From there, Peyton Newell is going to get his shot, and we add Casey Rogers and Tate Wildeman to the mix. While we are fine here, I am still curious to see how Mike Dawson does on the recruiting trail. But long story short is we won’t be bad here. NG is the key to this defense (just like Diaco’s), so we need to get an absolute beast in at this position this year.


While I don’t think we are outstanding here, I think we are going to be serviceable. The interesting thing to watch is going to be who can tackle the best. Chinander’s defense takes something away from the offense, so it leaves us in some one on one tackling situations. I won’t show the Minnesota missed tackle video again, but those are plays his UCF players made against Auburn, thus going 13-0. Those are plays our Nebraska players missed against Minnesota, thus going 4-8. The keys will be who can line up the defense and themselves correctly, second will be who can tackle. The new tackling and “knowing where you can miss” I would assume can help them. Frost talks about what Mike Tomlin taught him tackling, and how bad he was until he got underneath his coaching. We will see if it works for these guys. Aaron Williams probably going to be a starter, but guys like Antonio Reed, Marquel Dismuke, and Deontai Williams are getting their shots. We also bring in Cam Jones and CJ Smith. We are just so thin at corner that a 2nd string safety may have to take snaps there.


Barrett Ruud has a couple of guys he likes. I would put Dedrick Young and Mo Barry as your starters for right now. Will Honas is being given every opportunity, but he’s really new right now. I would still assume he is going to be that 3rd guy, he will get there. But we are still looking for a 4th as we want to be 2 deep on defense with how fast our offense plays and injuries eventually factoring in. They are giving Avery Roberts every opportunity to win the job, as his skillset is just what we want, but as we’ve all been privy to, he has to step his game up in other areas. Andrew Ward could be that 4th guy as well, but I just haven’t seen a ton out of those 2. Wouldn’t be shocked to see a walk-on step into the 2nd string role if some of these guys don’t step up. There’s a real opportunity for the kid from Omaha Burke to play as a true freshman after Young graduates since we will play 4 ILBs. I’m not worried here, and our new tackling technique has appeared to make a guy like Dedrick Young be able to use his athleticism and get a guy to the ground more consistently. Not breaking down is huge for guys like that.


Here’s where we start to get dicey folks. Let me just say this, if Breon Dixon gets his waiver, we are fine at this spot. I’ve watched that dude in practice make plays that an average/good player can’t. He is a beast and everyone should be pumped we got him here. Again, we get him and can play this year, we only have to find one other OLB to start (granted we are trying to be 2 deep here, but I’m worrying about the starters). Gifford has been hurt all spring, and I would feel better if his injury was progressing better, but it kind of is what it is. Collin Miller finally at the position he should be at, and let’s pencil him in as the other starter for now. From there, quite honestly the most impressive guy to me has been Jordan Paup, walk-on from Central City. He’s big and athletic and will get some snaps this year in my opinion. King has had some injuries, can Alex Davis step up and man one of the other sides? I think Alex Davis and Paup are your 2’s. I worry about Guy Thomas, I felt like he had a real opportunity and it’s slipping away a bit. Good news is Caleb Tannor comes in and I don’t think he redshirts. We need to find guys here tho. Our sure thing may not be eligible and returning starter may have lingering injury issues. Gotta get this figured out.


This is where we have to find guys. Us missing out on Taijon Palmer hurts bad. It’s a priority for this recruiting class. I love Eric Lee’s ability, but he’s not the biggest. I love Lamar Jackson’s frame, but I don’t know how physical he is yet (this is one thing I’m looking forward to checking out in the spring game). Lamar Jackson looks like an absolute beast while we “tag off” for tackling in practice. Will he look as good when he has to tackle guys to the ground? Dicaprio Bootle has the speed this staff is looking for, is he big/strong enough in these 1 on 1 situations? Deontai Williams is taking some snaps, is he natural there? Tony Butler is getting his shot but I believe he has a hand issue right now (don’t quote me there). And we bring in Cam Taylor and Braxton Clark. Corner was really tough for me to judge because our offense in practice I just can’t tell if it’s a talent deficiency sometimes, or our offense stressing them too much other times. This along with OLB will be what we need to figure out.


Not a ton to talk about here, Lightbourn could be the man at punter as well as kickoffs (especially with the new rule change). What’s great to hear, and many of you have heard me beat this drum, is that it appears we are going back to trying to groom some of our specialists and having them earn a scholarship. While I understand that sometimes you need to get that scholarship kicker/punter out of high school, Nebraska used to be built on getting walk-ons, having them understand the culture and develop confidence in not only themselves but the staff, and then they are ready as redshirt sophomores or juniors. You get them one year as a starter “for free”, then place them on scholarship. We were placing way too much emphasis on freshmen specialists, and no matter how good you are, they seemed to struggle. Guys like Lightbourn just wasn’t ready as a freshman, Drew Brown had his struggles. It appears that now we will be grooming long snappers to know what we want, then a guy will emerge thru proving himself over a couple years of practice rather than giving a scholarship out of high school. We built great long snappers this way in our past, we can do it again, and it will free up an additional scholarship some recruiting cycles which is huge. Not sure we will do it with kickers/punters, but that would be great to get back to as well like Alex Henry, Sam Foltz, Brett Maher, etc. It’s an unbelievable advantage to not have to use one of your scholarships in a recruiting class on a question mark, and having the ability to give it to someone that has proven themselves that you can trust.


Back are the days of lifting heavy and getting after it in the weight room. It’s interesting to watch that after we hospitalized a couple kids first workout, we didn’t have a head coach blowing up what we were doing there, didn’t have an AD spazzing out about it. We know what we are doing and trust our process. Quite honestly, the hospitalizations were more a reflection of where we were/what we were doing than how hard we worked the players. Just like with Mike Riley, things looked so much different than what Mark Phillipp wanted them to look like that it’s hard for me to be too mad at him. I just treat it like the Mike Riley situation, and agree that there needed to be a change. Would have been interesting to see what we could have done with Riley if he made his own decisions, what MP could have done if he could work guys as hard as he wanted.

I’m going to go “below the line” for a second then I’ll circle it back. I have a ton of respect for Boyd Epley and Husker Power, there is no denying they were a major component of our 90s run. Further, I always appreciate when a coach puts together something that can be applied to other teams wanting to learn. Husker Power was used in just about every high school weight room making things so easy for the coaches and kids to use. It truly was revolutionary. But what I don’t understand is that The Godfather of Strength Training (Epley) had an unbelievable chance to mentor a first time strength coach in Mark Phillipp, even went as far as to say that MP was the “right man to help strengthen the football team”. Why all of a sudden are all the things he did getting blown up by you and the people we brought back? It just rubs me the wrong way a bit, because I have a pretty close relationship to the situation and to see an outsider go from being extremely excited to work with the person that created everything he currently does, and then have it go so differently than he wanted/hoped and have a sour taste in his mouth, it just kind of sucks to hear. But it again could be chalked up to not everyone pulling in the same direction, and we have our guy back. So let’s just water under the bridge it.

We now are focusing on lifting heavy, letting the kids recover. Duvall brought up a really good point that made me think back to my 2-a-days, and he said “if a kid is so sore that he’s going at 70% and increased his injury risk 200% because of how tight he is, is practice worth it?” Made me think back to after that first padded practice, or practice 20 where you are almost dragging your legs out there. We are going to start fall practice earlier and insert a few more rest days for the kids, and I think that will go a long ways. And we are all aware of the morning practices, just like in weight lifting, that’s when you have the more testosterone so we are going to use it while it’s replenished rather than wait for you to waste it all day.

Let’s go further with some differences. Not meaning to blow Riley up here, but he was “giving these kids a hug” when really they needed a “kick in the backside”. A good example is that our past staff knew that our kids were staying up late and that they were playing video games or on their phones. Our staff bought our players special glasses to start wearing a few hours before they wanted to go to bed so they could start adjusting their eyes to get them “sleepy”. Seems like a decent idea. Until you see Scott Frost put sleep monitors on the kids and have morning practices where he can basically prevent staying up late, keep them away from the “nothing good happens after midnight” crowd, and a barometer to tell them they aren’t keeping up their end of the bargain. That’s the difference between championships and 8/9 wins in my opinion. Forcing the kids to do what they need to. They are 18-22 years old, if you give them the choice, it is still up to chance they will make the right decision. Take their decision out of the equation.

Couple more stories then we will wrap this thing up. Do you know that we have one of the best training tables in the country? As a college student (heck even for me now), how much would I give to be able to eat there when I wanted, after working out and not have to pay, getting absolutely the best food for my body to recover and grow the way it needs to. What if I told you some of our players were averaging “less than one meal a day at the training table.” What if I told you that our players would punch holes in the drywall of our beautiful lockerroom before games, and the maintenance crew had a standing schedule to fix them every Sunday/Monday and our AD found out about it?

Last paragraph on this… look who won HuskerPower when Boyd came back to test our guys in 2016:

So a kid who went out for another sport won it, a walk-on transfer from Kearney got 2nd, a kid that didn’t feel he was in shape with our current strength program so went out for wrestling got 3rd, Darlington who was our holder got 4th, and another walk-on we didn’t recruit got 5th. See a pattern? This is nothing against the kids that won it. But that was just really eye-opening to me, especially when I see Harrison Phillips from Millard West lift more at the combine than our 2 OTs combined.

Just like I said when MP and Riley got here on this board, there are some things I’ve heard that give me some pause. But the good news is we were 4-8 last year. We will be better than that this year and our guys will have an easy time buying in with results taking place. The real test will be 3-4 years down the road. There are some scientific advancements that have taken place that aren’t really up for debate, but they are tough to do while you just lift heavy. But one thing I’ve come to find out after blowing up Dobson, then seeing 2 new strength coaches, is it is basically up to the kids. There are a ton of dudes transforming their body. There are another bunch of guys that look terrible still. Do they look better because they are running everywhere for practice? Is it the strength program? I think we will see some real gains these first couple years, and I’m excited for that.

Who will frost and his coaches default to? Guys like Wilbon and Ozigbo need to be careful in my opinion, because if all is equal, do we default to Bradley, Bell, and incoming true freshmen like Pete Carroll at USC since he would get them in program longer? Or do you reward the seniors like Pelini would? Carroll defaulted to the younger guy because they had a higher ceiling. I get that philosophy. But I also understand rewarding the kid that has stuck with you. That will be interesting to watch.

Willing to bet Frost will default to his guys.


At the end of the day we all need to be happy Frost is back. Crazy to think what could have happened if he was given the job back in 2015. With the administration, almost no coach was going to be successful. Can you imagine administration telling Frost we need to get rid of Chinander? We may have lost him and never got him back. There is still some work to do (still need to get academic support on board), but the main guy that needs to be in step with our coach is. That’s a welcome sight. Crazy to think back that the guy compared to Tom Osborne couldn’t have been more distanced from him the past 3 years. Osborne is getting older, but he’s not blind to what he saw taking place.

From what I saw, we still have a lot of work to do. I can see 6-9 wins this year. It’s just so tough to gauge what is a talent issue, what is a “new offense/defense” issue. Now I don’t want to pin too much on two guys, but if we were to somehow get Vedral and Dixon available to us, I think that is good for an extra win and getting 7-10 for 2018. There’s just something different about when Vedral was leading the charge and the offense. And a lot of that is familiarity with what we are doing. But I kept picturing to myself what it would look like when we had 85 guys practicing like Vedral. And that had nothing to do with him running the offense, it was the things like being so far in front of the others following him he was backpedaling to the next spot and encouraging others. We will get there.
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Haven't even had a chance to read it yet, just wanted to be the first to say Thank You ***, you're the best.:thumbsup:
Beware of that Nebraska-way talk. The BRB types will be none too happy!


Forgot to add this I’ll edit it in:

Who will frost and his coaches default to? Guys like Wilbon and Ozigbo need to be careful in my opinion, because if all is equal, do we default to Bradley, Bell, and incoming true freshmen like Pete Carroll at USC since he would get them in program longer? Or do you reward the seniors like Pelinj would?

Willing to bet Frost will default to his guys.

During the Riley years it became hard for me to wear my Husker gear in public. It wasn't a total embarrassment thing, but I just got tired of people around here laughing at me for hiring "the doofus from Corvallis." Riley had become a laughing stock as the Ducks just ate the Beavers' lunch over and over and over. We were the moron school who gave OSU a chance to start over.

Now, especially with Frost's time at UO, I can wear my Husker gear around town and people aren't laughing. They're congratulating us on hiring one of "their own" and trying to repeat Oregon's success. Most have no idea that "their own" is actually a Nebraska title winning quarterback coming back home, but whatever.

It feels nice to not get laughed at around here.
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Good read! Thanks! Can you elaborate on what you mean by “there are still things that give me pause.”? Do you mean from a staff standpoint? Coaching? Or just roster makeup and picking up scheme etc?
Forgot to add this I’ll edit it in:

Who will frost and his coaches default to? Guys like Wilbon and Ozigbo need to be careful in my opinion, because if all is equal, do we default to Bradley, Bell, and incoming true freshmen like Pete Carroll at USC since he would get them in program longer? Or do you reward the seniors like Pelinj would?

Willing to bet Frost will default to his guys.
You would win that bet.

Thanks for the write up...good stuff as always.
Forgot to add this I’ll edit it in:

Who will frost and his coaches default to? Guys like Wilbon and Ozigbo need to be careful in my opinion, because if all is equal, do we default to Bradley, Bell, and incoming true freshmen like Pete Carroll at USC since he would get them in program longer? Or do you reward the seniors like Pelinj would?

Willing to bet Frost will default to his guys.
Frost has said repeatedly that he'll play the best guys. Doesn't matter where they came from or whether they're a Freshman, Senior, walk-on, whatever. If they're equal, they'll split time as equally as is practical. I'd like to believe that they're all his guys now, whether he recruited them or not.
Color me rosy. :)

During the Riley years it became hard for me to wear my Husker gear in public. It wasn't a total embarrassment thing, but I just got tired of people around here laughing at me for hiring "the doofus from Corvallis." Riley had become a laughing stock as the Ducks just ate the Beavers' lunch over and over and over. We were the moron school who gave OSU a chance to start over.

Now, especially with Frost's time at UO, I can wear my Husker gear around town and people aren't laughing. They're congratulating us on hiring one of "their own" and trying to repeat Oregon's success. Most have no idea that "their own" is actually a Nebraska title winning quarterback coming back home, but whatever.

It feels nice to not get laughed at around here.

I still wore mine, but some of the comments pissed me off. The worst was when I was on vacation at a resort in Mexico wearing a Nebraska football hat, and some Ohio St guy says "does Nebraska even play football anymore". I look forward to the day...
I still wore mine, but some of the comments pissed me off. The worst was when I was on vacation at a resort in Mexico wearing a Nebraska football hat, and some Ohio St guy says "does Nebraska even play football anymore". I look forward to the day...

I get that a lot here. Doesn’t make me mad though as it’s well earned on the field.

***, great stuff!!!



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