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:huskerflag: If it hasn't been mentioned yet, the november 28th issue of Sports Illustrated has a great feature article in it titled "Sport in America". The article introduces a new HBO series by the same name: "Sport in America - Has an event in sports ever changed your life?"

For the article, the writer asks all of the sportswriters he's known at the magazine to tell him their stories. He opens with a story by Lars Anderson, senior writer at SI, who tells him of attending the now famous Nebraska-Florida State game in 1980 with his father in lincoln. This, of course, was the 14-18 loss where Bowdens team was cheered after the game. It's great reading this writers take on that special event, and how it stuck with him 30 years later.

The article closes with Lars running into Bowden last year and the old coach saying "the classiest thing I ever experienced."

This is the kind of stuff that I think sets Nebraska apart from any other college team. This is something every potential recruit, and every recruits family should have a copy of. GO B1G RED
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I see Max put the whole article on the front page. Long article, but just read page 1 and skip to page 10 for the Husker takes. Some of the stories in between are cool as well, but this husker moment, which has grown over the years, really did happen and was very moving. (I was there! Have only been to maybe a dozen Husker games in my life, but I was there..and it was amazing)

I'll never forget that game. My older brother was losing his mind during that game. As NU was driving late in that game he shouted "PLEASE GOD! If you let Nebraska win I'll become a priest!" Now, if you knew my brother you'd know that he probably ended any chance if NU winning by saying that...probably taken as a threat by the Big Man upstairs!

On the fumble he took the radio outside and heaved it into the street. I don't think he's really gotten that into it since then.
Ha! I felt your brothers pain! At the game, I remember when FSU got to 15 points, thinking "OMG, this scrappy team is trying to beat us with out scoring a touchdown!" and then in the 4th qtr, started getting that sick feeling "Crap....18 points..6 field goals??? really... 6 blankity blank FGs are going to beat the mighty Big Red??"

edit: oops.. Not 6 FGS, but with their missed PAT, I remember thinking "the whole country is going to think we got beat with 6 FGs!, that sucks"
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