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SMU in B1G?


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If Wake Forest can be in the ACC, there's no reason SMU can't be in the B1G. It seems to be the best way for the Big Ten to get a toe hold in Texas for recruiting and DFW is the fourth largest market in the country.

I live in Dallas and went to SMU for grad school. I can tell you if there were six Big Ten teams in Dallas every fall it would be absolutely nuts. Existing Big Ten teams would love to tell recruits they'd play in Texas at least a couple times.

Not totally crazy.

SMU is Worthy of a Major Conference
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I just don’t think they meet the profile of a Big Ten school. For example, they’re 216th in the country in research expenditures. NU is the lowest in the Big Ten at 81st. That’s a big gap. Plus, there’s the AAU criterion.

I agree, though, that it would be nice to have a foothold in Texas. Unfortunately, only UT and A&M are Big Ten type schools.
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