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Props to the selection committee!


All Big 10
10 Year Member
Actually helped us! As Cook said, it's not about the seeding, it's about the tourney pairings. I'd say it worked out alright. :Huskerflag:

Red Corn

15 Year Member
The key here is that though the team may have been miffed at the seeding, they channeled whatever/however it made them feel into a singular focus to play every point with passion, energy, and a will to execute at the highest level. I follow this storied and wonderful program very closely and I am hard-pressed to find another of their achievements more grand:

2015: National Title (one ring)
2016: Big 10 Title (a second ring)
2017: Big 10 Title and National Title (rings 3 and 4)

Simply fantastic - Congratulations to all who are part of the program!!!!!


CP Red

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Not that I feel bad for PSU, but I saw they were ranked 3rd in the final rankings. I would say NU & PSU were 1 and 2.