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Post College Wrestling -Former Huskers; UWW Nationals; U20/U17/U23 World Finals, NU Recruits

Pan America Championships

"Lauridsen started off with a dominant streak to the finals in Greco, winning his first three matches via first-period pinfalls. Then in the final, Lauridsen lost a high-scoring 13-11 decision to Peru’s Abel Juarez to earn the silver medal.

Then in freestyle, Lauridsen went undefeated in earning the gold medal. After a 12-1 win in the quarters, Lauridsen then exacted revenge on Juarez in the semis with a 10-0 tech in 1:39. Then in the final, Lauridsen beat Roger Ramalhete of Brazil 12-0 in 42 seconds."

FS55: Kael Lauridsen:

GR55 Kg Kael Lauridsen:
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"At Pan American Championships, Adams was simply dominant. In freestyle, he went 4-0 and wasn’t scored upon. He outscored his opposition 43-0 on the way to gold. In Greco, Adams also went 4-0 to earn double-gold medals. He outscored his opponents 39-3 on his way to the top of the podium."

65KG FS: Joel Adams

GR 65KG Joel Adams:
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FARGO, N.D. July 19, 2022, – Tuesday, as the nation’s best men’s freestylers went after it at the USMC JUNIOR FREESTYLE NATIONALS with national titles up for grabs.

NEBRASKA Team Members:

Junior freestyle
100 — Hank Kriegler
106 — Cadyn Coyle, Tavean Miller
113 — Tyler Durden
120 — Miles Anderson, Jacob Campbell, Kael Lauridsen, Avery Russell
126 — Hunter Jacobsen, Enrique Haynes, Jesse Loges, Braiden Kort
132 — Ross Bratetic, Connor Ritonya, Ely Olberding
138 — AJ Parrish, Cal Price, Keith Smith, Lance Olberding
145 — Drew Cooper, Kyan Young
152 — Josiah Aburumuh, Caden Eggleston, Michael Myers, Adam Kruse
160 — Aiden Robertson, Jayden Coulter, Charles Powers, Landon Weidner
170 — Grant Moraski, Brian Petry, Isaac White
182 — Blane Boehmer, Peyton Haupt, Torrance Keehn
195 — Caleb Schwerdtfeger, Mason Villwok, Prayvell Pope, Thomas Vance

JR Freestyle 120 LBS Finals:
1st Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa) tech-fall Caden Horwath (Michigan), 12-2
3rd Alan Koehler (Minnesota) tech-fall Braeden Davis (Michigan), 12-2
5th Kael Lauridsen (Nebraska) tech-fall Kenneth Hendriksen (Tennessee), 10-0
7th Vincent Kilkeary (Pennsylvania) dec. Gylon Sims (Illinois), 13-6

Junior Greco-Roman
100 — Hank Kriegler
106 — Cadyn Coyle, Tavean Miller
113 — Tyler Durden
120 — Miles Anderson, Jacob Campbell, Kael Lauridsen, Avery Russell, Tyler Japp
126 — Hunter Jacobsen, Enrique Haynes, Jesse Loges
132 — Ross Bratetic
138 — AJ Parrish, Cal Price, Keith Smith
145 — Drew Cooper, Kyan Young
152 — Michael Myers, Caden Eggleston, Cade Baumgart, Josiah Aburumuh
160 — Benidetto Aburumuh, Aiden Robertson, Baylor Kaup
170 — Grant Moraski, Brian Petry
182 — Blane Boehmer, Peyton Haupt
195 — Thomas Vance

JR GR 100 Finals:
1. Javaan Yarbrough (OH)
2. Isaac Stewart (MT)
3. Cadyn Coyle (NE)
4. Tyler Garvin (MD)

Lauridsen and Smith will both wrestle and won FIRST place.

JR GR 120 Finals:
1. Kael Lauridsen (NE)

2. Massey Odiotti (IL)
3. Alan Koehler (MN)
4. Marcello Milani (MI)

JR GR 138 Finals:
1. Keith Smith (NE)

2. Colton Parduhn (AK)
3. Pierson Manville (PA)
4. Gunnar Hamre (WI)

Junior women’s freestyle
106 — Maycee Peacher
117 — Aubrie Pehrson, Sophia Shultz, Zoey Barber
122 — Alexis Pehrson, Nella Dolan
127 — Regan Rosseter, Sydnie Brown
132 — Kristen Schellenberg
138 — Reagen Gallaway
164 — Kaylee Ricketts, Carol Victoria Azcona
180 — Faith Bonar, Hailey Siebrass, Makena Schramm

16U Freestyle
100 — Hudson Loges, Cole Welte
106 — Alex Gates, Brody Pitner, Abdirahman Unle, Isaac Ekdahl
113 — Teagan Benson, Scott Meier Jr.
120 — John Alden, Brenyn Delano, Gatlin Krepela
126 — Brayden Canoyer, Mason Petersen, Kaedun Goodman
132 — Logan Glynn, Iverson Mejia
138 — Tyler Harrill, James Kansteiner
145 — Marco Robles
152 — Jack Sherrell, Henry Reilly, Dreu White
160 — Cade Ziola
170 — Trot Nigh
182 — Adonis Bonar II, Dyllon Carpenter
195 — Grant Schwerdtfeger
220 — Gavyn Rhoden

94 Lbs 16U FS Finals:
1. Haakon Peterson (WI)
2. Nathan Rioux (IN)
3. Ayden Dodd (OH)
4. Cole Welte (NE)

160lb 16U Freestyle Results:
1. Bekhruz Sadriddinov (PA)
2. Travis Grace (CA)
3. Max Nevlin (NJ)
4. Jordan Chapman (NJ)
5. Cade Ziola (NE)

16U Greco-Roman
100 — Hudson Loges, Cole Welte
106 — Alex Gates, Abdirahman Unle, Brody Pitner, Brenyn Delano
113 — Teagan Benson
120 — John Alden
126 — Brayden Canoyer, Kaedun Goodman, Mason Petersen
132 — Logan Glynn, Iverson Mejia
138 — Daniel Gonzalez Jr
145 — Marco Robles
152 — Jack Sherrell, Henry Reilly
170 – Trot Nigh
182 — Adonis Bonar II, Dyllon Carpenter
220 — Gavyn Rhoden

16U GR Finals:
1. Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL)
2. Hudson Loges (NE)
3. William Phillips (TN)
4. Boden Banta (ID)

16U women’s freestyle
106 — Mileena Notaro, Maycee Peacher
117 — Sophia Shultz, Aubrie Pehrson, Zoey Barber, Morgan Maschmann
122 — Alexis Pehrson
127 — Sydnie Brown, Regan Rosseter
132 — Ann Maria Meiman, Kristen Schellenberg
138 — Kylie Sullivan, Jenna Secord
144 — Emma Stice
164 — Piper Zatechka

16U Womens FS Finals:
1. Skylar Little Soldier (MN)
2. Cadence Diduch (IL)
3. Alicen Dillard (TX)
4. Kayla Edwards (CA)
5. Jordyn Fouse (PA)
6. Dealya Collins (WI)
7. Ciara Riner (WV)
8. Regan Rosseter (NE)

FloWrestling nationally ranked boys: Kael Lauridsen (No. 6 at 120)
Nationally ranked girls:
Kaylee Ricketts (No. 14 at 164)

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U17 World Championships​

The 2022 Cadet World Championships broadcast starts on Jul 25, 2022 and runs until Aug 1, 2022.

Greco-Roman team​

2022 U17 Greco-Roman World Team
65 kg: Joel Adams NE (The Best Wrestler), 2-0

Championship series: Joel Adams over Pierson Manville, 2-0
Match 1: Adams tech Manville, 10-1
Match 2: Adams dec Manville, 7-6

Team USA's U17 World Team​

Women's Freestyle

40kg: Megan Valdez
43kg: Erica Pastoriza
46kg: Gabriella Gomez
49kg: Audrey Jimenez
53kg: Mariia Yefremova
57kg: Shelby Moore
61kg: Valerie Hamilton
65kg: Elizabeth Shunn
69kg: Jasmine Robinson
73kg: Amarisa Manuel

Men's Freestyle

45kg: Domenic Munaretto
48kg: Christian Castillo
51kg: Luke Lilledahl
55kg: Jax Forrest
60kg: Kyler Larkin
65kg: Tyler Kasak
71kg: Joe Sealy
80kg: Zack Ryder
92kg: Max McEnelly
110kg: Koy Hopke

Men's Greco-Roman

45kg: Davis Motyka
48kg: Christian Castillo
51kg: Elyle Francisco
55kg: Nicholas Treaster
60kg: Jesse Van Baalen
65kg: Joel Adams
71kg: Arvin Khosravy
80kg: Cole Han Lindemyer
92kg: Cody Merrill
110kg: Koy Hopke

U17 Mens Freestlye won the Team Championship:

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Joel Adams (Nebraska-USA) Wins GOLD In Rome

Joel Adams led the way for Team USA by picking up five wins without surrendering a point. He moved into and won the 65-kg finals at the U17 Worlds in Rome.​


Joel Adams (Nebraska) kicking butt at the UWW!

This wrestler is a MUST GET for for NU Wrestling program!

"On the Greco side, the clear standout performer was Adams. He not only brought home a gold medal at 65kg, but he also accomplished this without surrendering a single point. Adams outscored his opposition 36-0. Interestingly enough, he was able to put points on the board despite only being awarded top position via passivity in two of his matches. At the highest level, Greco matches often come down to par terre. However, Adams scored 18 of his points via takedowns, which was far and away the most of the U.S. Greco team. "

UPDATE: 4 Oct; Adams is ranked #3 in nation by WIN magazine at 145 freestyle.
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At Boys Town, Neb., August 5

Hudson Loges of Blair Nebraska also had a great day on the way to the 48 kg Greco Roman title. In the finals, Loges scored a 10-0 technical fall over Lincoln Sledzianowski of Florida, who won U15 and 16U National titles this year. In the semifinals, Loges pinned U15 Nationals champion Michael Romero of California in 3:33. Loges was second at the 16U Nationals and the U17 Nationals this year in Greco-Roman.

48 kg Greco-Roman final results
1st Place
Match - Hudson Loges (NE) tech. fall Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL), 10-0
3rd Place Match - Michael Romero (CA) tech fall Will Detar (PA), 8-0
5th Place Match - Amari Vann (NJ) forfeit over Che Jenkins (AZ)

Hudson placed Third in the U15 Freestyle:
48 kg
1st Place Match - Michael Romero (CA) tech. fall Lincoln Sledzianowski (FL), 14-4
3rd Place Match - Hudson Loges (NE) dec. Amari Vann (NJ), 8-2
5th Place - Che Jenkins (AZ)

15U Nationals Greco-Roman champion Dreshaun Ross of Iowa swept a best-of-three series at 85KG against Adonis Bonar II of Nebraska (Creighton Prep Bellevue) with a pair of technical falls. Ross won 8-0 in bout one and 17-8 in bout two. They were the only two entries at this weight class.

85 kg Freestyle
1st Place - Dreshaun Ross (IA)
2nd Place - Adonis Bonar II (NE)
Round 1 - Dreshaun Ross (IA) tech fall Adonis Bonar II (NE), 10-0
Round 2 – Dreshaun Ross (IA) tech fall Adonis Bonar II (NE), 10-0
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Tyler Berger Joins the Pennsylvania RTC​

Philadelphia, Pa. - Pennsylvania Regional Training Center Executive Director and Head Coach Brandon Slay has announced the addition of Senior Athlete Tyler Berger as a full time resident athlete. Berger will compete at 70kg while representing the PRTC at domestic and international competitions.

"We are extremely thankful to be adding Tyler Berger to our PRTC family," said Slay. "He really fits our team culture because he believes and lives out our core values. At 70kg, he is an ideal addition for Joey, Jordan, Dave, and Mark. We look forward to helping Tyler reach his full potential on and off the mat."

Berger was a NCAA Finalist and 3-time All-American at the University of Nebraska. He placed 5th, 3rd, and 2nd while compiling a career record of 138-39 for the Cornhuskers. Upon graduation in 2019, Berger stayed in Lincoln as a Volunteer Assistant for the team. He is one of the most decorated wrestlers in Nebraska history. With his commitment to the PRTC he will be re-connecting with his mentor and former training partner, Jordan Burroughs.

"I got to watch Tyler grow from a young Husker recruit to one of the best wrestlers in the country," says Burroughs, a 2011 Nebraska grad who joined the PRTC in 2021. "He lives with an uncompromising standard of excellence and he's also committed to being not only a great wrestler but a great man. He's going to undoubtedly help expand upon our strong culture here, and I'm glad to be teammates with him once again!"
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"The United States is bringing an experienced team of hungry Greco-Roman wrestlers, as they seek to win their first U23 World medal in this style since the event was created by United World Wrestling in 2017. Team USA will have three past Senior World Team members in the lineup in Greco-Roman, which will be the first discipline contested, October 17-19 in Pontavedra, Spain."

Three Nebraska wrestlers will compete:

U.S. Greco Roman roster
55 kg: Camden Russell, Omaha, Neb. (MWC Wrestling Academy)
60 kg: Phillip Moomey, Kearney, Neb. (Spartan Combat RTC/TMWC)

65 kg: Mason Carzino-Hartshorn, Antioch, Calif. (West Coast Greco RTC)
67 kg: Peyton Omania, Concord, Calif. (New York AC)
72 kg: Benjamin Peak, Marquette, Mich. (NMU-OTS/Sunkist Kids)
77 kg: Britton Holmes, Colorado Springs, Colo. (U.S. Army WCAP)
82 kg: Tyler Cunningham, Gretna, Neb. (MWC Wrestling Academy)
87 kg: Michial Foy, Crete, Ill. (Gopher WC RTC)
97 kg: Nicholas Boykin, Murfreesboro, Tenn. (Ohio RTC/Sunkist Kids)
130 kg: Cohlton Schultz, Parker, Colo. (Sunkist Kids)

Athlete College affiliation
Northern Michigan 3 (Carzino-Hartshorn, Holmes, Peak), Arizona State (Schultz), Cornell (Moomey), Iowa Western CC (Russell), Michigan State (Omania), Minnesota (Foy), Nebraska-Kearney (Cunningham), Ohio State (Boykin)

The United States placed 14th with 26 points. Four U.S. wrestlers placed in the top 10 of their weights and scored points for Team USA: Peyton Omania (7th at 67 kg), Cohlton Schultz (7th at 130 kg), Camden Russell (8th at 55 kg) and Phillip Moomey (9th at 60 kg).
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At Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 3-6, 2023

U.S. roster, as of April 3, 2023

U.S. men’s freestyle roster

57kg: Thomas Gilman (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
65kg: Yianni Diakomihalis (Titan Mercury WC/Spartan Combat RTC)
70kg: Zain Retherford (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
74kg: Kyle Dake (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
79kg: Jordan Burroughs (Sunkist Kids/Pennsylvania RTC)
86kg: David Taylor (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
97kg: Kyle Snyder (Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)
To be determined at U.S. Open: 61 kg, 92 kg, 125 kg
The 2023 US Open will take place on April 26th – 30th at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa in Las Vegas, NV.

This year’s event will feature multiple national championships and World Team Trials. It is expected to be another great week of wrestling for athletes of many ages in one of the nation’s most popular tourist destinations.
Nebraska natives and former NU wrestlers registered for 2023 US Open Wrestling Championship Entries - Senior:
61 kgJack HuffmanNebraskaViking RTC
65 kgRidge LovettIdahoNebraska Wrestling Training Center
65 kgDaniel DeRosierNebraskaNebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club
65 kgChad RedIndianaRed Cobra Wrestling Academy
70 kgTyler BergerNebraska
70 Kg DayneMortonWolves Wrestling Club
74 kgCollin PurintonNebraskaSunkist Kids Wrestling Club
79 kgMichael LabriolaPennsylvaniaNebraska Wrestling Training Center
79 Kg IsaiahWhiteIndiana RTC
86 kgNathan HaasCalifornia
92 kgEric SchultzIllinoisNebraska Wrestling Training Center
97 kgSilas AllredIndianaNebraska Wrestling Training Center
92 kgJackson KinsellaIowaNebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club
97 kgTimothy DudleySouth CarolinaSunkist Kids Wrestling Club
125 kgGrady GriessNebraskaNavy Wrestling Club
125 kgLee HerringtonNebraskaNebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club
125 kgChristian LanceMissouriSunkist Kids Wrestling Club

Women Freestyle:
55 kgCara RomeikeNebraskaBronco Womens Wrestling Club

Mens Greco Roman:
55 kgCamden RussellNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
60 kgCorbin NirschlNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
60 kgAlex ThomsenIowaNebraska Wrestling Training Center
60 kgPhillip MoomeyNebraskaSpartan Combat RTC
67 kgJoel AdamsNebraskaThe Best Wrestler
72 kgGarrett JohnsonNebraskaDubuque Wrestling
82 kgTyler CunninghamNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
130 kgDylan BuschowNebraskaMustang Wrestling Club
130 kgTanner FarmerIllinoisIllinois Regional Training Center/Illini WC

Tyler Cunningham wins 7th place

At 130 KG:
1. Cohlton Schultz (SKWC)
2. Adam Coon (NYAC)
3. Tanner Farmer (NYAC)
4. Luke Luffman (IRTC)
5. Brandon Metz (North Dakota)
7. Darryl Aiello (Community Youth Center - Concord Campus Wrestling)
8. Courtney Freeman (Marines)

Non Nebraska FS Notables:
57 kgSpencer LeeIowaHawkeye Wrestling Club
97 kgJ'den CoxMichiganTitan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)
125 kgGable StevesonMinnesotaGopher Wrestling Club - RTC
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Brackets: https://arena.flowrestling.org/

"The top high school upperclassmen get to test themselves against the best first or second-year college guys who are often hungry to compete coming out of redshirt. It's the first step in making the Junior World Team as the winner of this event will earn an automatic berth to the best-of-three wrestle-off series against the World Team Trials challenge tournament champion in June. "

2023 US Open Wrestling Championship Entries - U20
Nebraska natives or NU Wrestlers:
57KGAlan KohlerNebraska Recruit
61 kgDrew CooperNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
65 kgKeith SmithNebraska
65 kgBlake CushingNebraskaNebraska Wrestling Training Center
65 kgSkyler Geier-DodsonNebraska
70 KGAntrell TaylorNebraska
74 kgNick HamiltonNebraskaCavalier Wrestling Club
79 kgAdam ThebeauIllinoisNebraska Wrestling Training Center
79 kgEvan CanoyerNebraskaSpartan Combat RTC
79 kgAiden RobertsonNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
86 kgLeonard PintoPennsylvaniaNebraska Wrestling Training Center
97KGC. McDanlNebraska recruitOhio
125 kgHarley AndrewsOK

U20 Men's Greco-Roman​

60 kgJesse LogesNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
60 kgDrew CooperNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
63 kgKeith SmithNebraska
67 kgJoel AdamsNebraskaThe Best Wrestler
67 kgHunter GilmoreNebraska
72 kgTyler AntoniakNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy
77 kgAiden RobertsonNebraskaMWC Wrestling Academy

RESULTS: Tyler Antoniak finishes 5th.

U17 GR Men's Open​

48 kg - HM Cole Welte, MWC Wrestling Academy, Nebraska
51 kg - #17 (106) Hudson Loges, MWC Wrestling Academy, Nebraska
55 kgIsaac EkdahlNENebraska
60 kgJohn AldenNENebraska
80 kg - HM Cade Ziola, M2 Training Center, Nebraska

Cole Welte placed 7th.
Hudson Loges from Blair won 1st place.

U17 FS Nebraska Entries:

48 kgCole WelteNEMWC Wrestling Academy
51 kgHudson LogesNEMWC Wrestling Academy
55 kgIsaac EkdahlNENebraska
60 kgBrayden CanoyerNEMWC Wrestling Academy
60 kgJohn AldenNENebraska
60 kgGatlin KrepelaNEMWC Wrestling Academy
65 kgTyler HarrillNEMWC Wrestling Academy
65 kgLogan GlynnNEThe Best Wrestler
65 kgDaniel Gonzalez, Jr.NEThe Best Wrestler
80 kgCade ZiolaNEM2 Training Center
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Final X, presented by Tezos, will be held on Saturday, June 10 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

Final X will determine the 2023 U.S. Senior World Teams in all three Olympic disciplines: men’s and women’s freestyle and Greco-Roman. There will be 30 weight classes contested, 10 in each Olympic discipline. The top two U.S. athletes in each weight class will compete in a best-of-three series in Final X to determine who will wrestle at the 2023 Senior World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

Declared qualifiers to date:

Men’s Freestyle 74 kg – Kyle Dake (State College, Pa./Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)

Men’s Freestyle 97 kg - Kyle Snyder (State College, Pa./Titan Mercury WC/Nittany Lion WC)

Women’s Freestyle 57 kg – Helen Maroulis (Tempe, Ariz./Sunkist Kids)

Men’s Freestyle 79 kg – Jordan Burroughs (Philadelphia, Pa./Sunkist Kids/Pennsylvania RTC)

  • (VFA) Win by fall: Winning team +5
  • (VSU) Win by technical superiority, loser scores 0: Winning team +4
  • (VSU1) Win by technical superiority, loser scores >0: Winning team +4, losing team +1
  • (VPO) Win by decision, loser scores 0: Winning team +3
  • (VPO1) Win by decision, loser scores >0: Winning team +3, losing team +1
  • (VCA) Win by 3 cautions: Winning team +5
  • (VIN) Win by injury default: Winning team +5
  • (DSQ) Win by disqualification: Winning team +5
  • (VFO) Win by Forfeit: Team score +5
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2023 Pritchard Companies U.S. Open Championships presented by FloWrestling
At South Point Arena, Las Vegas, Nev., April 26-30

Senior Men’s Freestyle Tournament Seeding

65 kg

1. Joseph McKenna, Titan Mercury WC
2. Evan Henderson, Titan Mercury WC
3. Nick Lee, Nittany Lion WC
4. Patricio Lugo, Hawkeye WC
5. Ridge Lovett, Nebraska WTC
6. Matthew Kolodzik, New York AC
7. Ian Parker, West Point WC
8. Anthony Ashnault, New York City RTC
9. Luke Pletcher, Pittsburgh WC
10. Beau Bartlett, Nittany Lion WC
11. Brandon Wright, Indiana
12. Cole Matthews, Pittsburgh WC

70 kg
1. Alec Pantaleo, Titan Mercury WC
2. Tyler Berger, Nebraska
3. Hayden Hidlay, Wolfpack WC
4. Sam Sasso, Titan Mercury WC
5. Edward Scott, Wolfpack WC
6. Caleb Henson, Southeast RTC
7. Jarod Verkleeren, Cavalier WC
8. Fidel Mayora, Cliff Keen WC

74 kg
1. Jason Nolf, Nittany Lion WC
2. Joey Lavallee, Titan Mercury WC
3. Vincenzo Joseph, Sunkist Kids WC
4. Keegan O’Toole, Tiger Style WC
5. Thomas Gantt, Titan Mercury WC
6. Collin Purinton, Sunkist Kids WC
7. Joshua Shields, Sunkist Kids WC
8. Julian Ramirez, Spartan Combat RTC
9. Peter Pappas, Patriot Elite WC

79 kg
1. Chance Marsteller, Titan Mercury WC
2. Carter Starocci, Nittany Lion WC
3. Alex Dieringer, Titan Mercury WC
4. Alex Marinelli, Hawkeye WC
5. David McFadden, Titan Mercury WC
6. Taylor Lujan, Panther WC
7. Michael Kemerer, Spartan Combat RTC
8. Michael Labriola, Nebraska WTC
9. Devin Skatzka, Titan Mercury WC
10. Nelson Brands, Hawkeye WC
11. Muhamed McBryde, New York AC
12. Isaiah White, Indiana RTC
13. Donnell Washington, Indiana RTC
14. Carson Kharchla, Ohio

92 kg
1. Kollin Moore, Titan Mercury WC
2. Nathan Jackson, New York AC
3. Michael Macchiavello, Titan Mercury WC
4. Eric Schultz, Nebraska WTC
5. Morgan McIntosh, Nittany Lion WC
6. Jonathan Aiello, Cavalier WC
7. Isaac Trumble, Wolfpack WC
8. Jacob Cardenas, Spartan Combat RTC
9. Silas Allred, Nebraska WTC
10. Michael Battista, Cavalier WC

97 kg
1. J’den Cox, Titan Mercury WC
2. Timothy Dudley, Sunkist Kids WC
3. Morgan Smith, Lehigh Valley WC
4. Samuel Mitchell, Bulls WC
5. Ben Kueter, Iowa

125 kg
1. Gable Steveson, Gopher WC
2. Nick Gwiazdowski, Titan Mercury WC
3. Dominique Bradley, Sunkist Kids WC
4. Mason Parris, Cliff Keen WC
5. Ty Walz, Titan Mercury WC
6. Derek White, Titan Mercury WC
7. Christian Lance, Sunkist Kids WC
8. Wyatt Hendrickson, Colorado
9. Demertius Thomas, Pittsburgh WC
10. Ceron Francisco, Nittany Lion WC
11. Jordan Wood, Lehigh Valley WC
12. Zach Elam, Tiger Style WC
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2023 Pritchard Companies U.S. Open Championships presented by FloWrestling
At South Point Arena, Las Vegas, Nev., April 26-30

Senior Greco-Roman Tournament Seeding

130 kg

1. Cohlton Schultz, Sunkist Kids WC
2. Tanner Farmer, Illinois RTC
3. Adam Coon, Cliff Keen WC
4. Courtney Freeman, Marines
5. Donny Longendyke, Minnesota Storm
6. Rulon Gardner, Rulon Gardner Gold Medal Gym/Dubuque RTC
7. Luke Luffman, Illinois RTC
8. Kaleb Reeves, Eastern Iowa WC
9. Tom Foote, New York AC

1. Cohlton Schultz (SKWC)
2. Adam Coon (NYAC)
3. Tanner Farmer (NYAC)
4. Luke Luffman (IRTC)
5. Brandon Metz (North Dakota)
7. Darryl Aiello (Community Youth Center - Concord Campus Wrestling)
8. Courtney Freeman (Marines)

Rulon didn't wrestle.
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Senior Freestyle Results:

Ridge Lovett is wrestling for chance at 3rd - 8th.
Tyler Berger will wrestle for 1st.
Collin Purinton still wrestling for chance at 3rd -8th.
Eric Schultz will wrestle for chance at 3rd -8th
Silas Allred Will wrestle for chance at 3rd - 8th
Timothy Dudley will wrestle for chance at 3rd - 8th
Christian Lance will wrestle for chance at 3rd - 8th.
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